will I be effective in it?

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The recruitment policy is an important element which is structuring any organization. By the recruitment policy, we can understand the culture values of a company. The main importance of the recruitment is that it will be used as a bridge between employees and the vacant position. Human resources are the valuable asset that every corporate needs. The efficiency and healthiness of business is firstly related to how efficient the working force is. In second position, the well coordination of management is playing an important role. The recruiter has the power to decide either an individual is enough qualified for a specified position. The hardest task of recruiters is to coordinate new employee into the environment, it includes the value culture and the rules. Although that is not that challenging once recruiters are highly qualified.

To understand more about the job of the recruiter, better compare to another activity, which is quite similar. From another perspective, while analyzing the duties of recruiter; career counsellor is not that different from it. If the recruiter is a job-broker, helping any job-seekers to find a position in relation with its educations, interests and visions; the career counsellor is an extension of the recruiter’s profile, as he/she is focusing more on the job-seeker only. Counsellors are helping into the good understanding of qualifications, skills, and visions, along with a reorientation in the best way.

The career is the combinations of everything about, education, vision, skill, interest, values and goal. Both of recruiter, either counselor are using those 5 elements to rate a sample of individual. Although what makes them different is that, the recruiter will select the best one, for introducing  into a specified business unit. Meanwhile the career counsellor will analyze those 5 element to understand and to forecast the future career of an individual, from that, various alternatives will be proposed and the choice will depend on the subject. They are both participating into career building. The qualifications needed for being a career counselor are in two categories, first those who have a background in Human resources and second, those certified in counseling.



Career counselling


Filling vacant  position in company

Orienting people into a suitable career or stream or activity


Fresher, graduates , professionals

People of every ages and every sectors


Recruiters within company 

Counselor within agencies, schools, organizations or platforms

Qualification of actors

Degree in Administration or Human resources 

Certified or accredited in counseling

Pedigree in recruiting and Human Resources

Investing in the career counselling while being recruiter is really efficient, as they are both helping people, beside they are inter-related.  The experiences you have gotten in human resource will be advantageous for you. Discerning the quality and ability of your clients, is a habitual task in recruitment; then you will just have to suggest suitable alternatives, comfort into the goal or visions.

It sounds easy, meanwhile, this occupation is involving more risks than recruiting, as cause of you are involving yourself into someone else future career. For limiting the errors in guidance, taking a certification course is then primordial.  There are various methods in getting certification in counselling, if you have a lack of time with your job, it is better to make an online certification course. The platform; careerguide.com, is enough experienced for that. As they are offering counselling session to countless people in needs. Through applying divers assessment method, they will know how to get in touch with students and prospected clients.

This online platform is entirely trained into guiding. They had even set a program for future counsellors. The program is open for everyone, as long as you have a background related to education and administration. The certification course is having more than +15 modules, it will provide you various business opportunity, an online channel, courses in long-life access and a channel online. With all the experience of recruiter and this certification course, you will really enjoy your journey.  

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