How to Improve One’s Spoken English

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Many English speakers either do not speak English with correct grammar and pronunciation or do not have the confidence to speak fluently and stammer. Not being able to communicate in English is something that acts as a confidence blocker in our overall outlook at a workplace. Many candidates are even rejected from interviews because of not having suitable communication skills. In some places, fluent spoken English is the very first requirement of the job. Here are some methods in which one can brush up their English speaking skills.

Be engaged in Good English Conversations

Conversing In English can be the first step towards being a good speaker in English.  Other activities like participating in elocution or recitation is a stage where we recite a script that we have memorized. It does not develop spontaneous speech. Speaking in English on the other hand develops spontaneous thought and transcription of the same into speech. We also learn the expression of different  thoughts and develop a habit of interacting with others effortlessly.

Practice Extempore

In order to develop spontaneous speech for a fast reflex action that is very much required while conversing with someone in English for beginners,  practicing extempore is a great method. In an extempore, a random topic is given to the speaker and a time of 2 minutes is provided for preparation and  collection of thoughts related to the topic after which the speaker has to come up with a 2 to 3 minute speech.


Listen to English news

Even though we might Converse in English and even practice the same while we are alone, we might be in the dark about the proper style of expression of renunciation of various words.  we need a verified standard with which we can develop our speech in comparison.  English news channels on news debate are the best way to follow pronunciation and style of expression in English and the best part is that it is a verified standard. There are many Indian news channels that read out news in English. These can be followed in order to understand the Indianized version of English pronunciation.


Work on Diction and Articulation (the Confidence Boosters)

Many of the English speakers, although they speak correct grammar and correct pronunciation,  that speech is not clear to the ears of the listener.  Sometimes they tend to gobble up words  or sometimes do not have proper voice modulation. Having both of these is a great method to boost up confidence and this can be achieved by practicing reading in a loud voice everyday for 10 to 15 minutes. The reading has to be done by paying attention to each word that one is pronouncing and the audibility of the same.


Listen to English Songs and watch English movies for entertainment

One has to be surrounded by good sources of English speech. Incorporating such sources even in our entertainment sources can be a good option for beginners. It will not just teach English that is to be used in communication but also trendy phrases and words  that will help us differ are English speech from the conventional language and open up well in our friend circle  while conversing in this language.

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By: Debarati Pal

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