Market yourself in these 5 effective and creative ways

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Searching for a job is always hectic and time-consuming. A lot of effort and hard work is put into your resume and cover letter and it seems no one is getting back to you for an interview.

One way to make it into a fun project and stand out from the crowd is by making it creative and interesting. But it is a tricky thing to do. You need to prove two things- the first thing is you have to show you are fun and creative and the second is to show that you are a smart and dedicated worker who is serious about your job. By doing this, you will come up as a valuable member of the organization and a person with who everyone wants to be acquainted.

Effective self-marketing strategies are finding the balance between demonstrations of your skills and blowing one’s own trumpet. If you get your marketing methods right, they open the door to endless opportunities for work promotions and new clients.

To stand out in any marketplace, every candidate has to find out ways to walk confidently with their baggage.

Is Your Resume Not Getting Shortlisted?

The following are the best ways to market yourself for your dream job:

1. Identify your calling

The initial step in self-promotion is identifying who you are as a person. What are your interests? Your passions? Your talents? Think about the different methods in which you can try to bring these elements together to innovate new things and for problem-solving. Explain and focus on the rare things you can offer to the organization.

Identify your niche by:

  • Researching about market’s unattended and neglected areas.
  • Creating various customer profiles to show what type of clients you will work for.
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2. Expertise in your field

Exhibit what you know by building a strong knowledge base. Trust is an important factor while marketing yourself and people have blind trust in experts. So find a way to get yourself as someone with good knowledge in your niche.

Getting certified is the first step in becoming an expert. Take up the courses offered by recognized institutes in getting a certification.

Do the below things to make an expert out of you.

  • Do market research and read articles about your industry.
  • Consider clients’ opinions of your field.
  • Contact organizations that conduct events and get yourself there as a speaker.
  • Provide expert opinions by creating your YouTube channel.

3. Educate yourself

The first step is building a website. Refer appealing formats to come up with the final format for your website. Use software tools like CMS and email marketing software.

Use content marketing to build your brand by:

  • Incorporating SEO best practices.
  • Producing quality content and asking questions from your audience and deliver it in the form of a blog or YouTube video.
  • Generate guest-posting opportunities.
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4. Be social savvy by building social media following

Social media is somewhat difficult to master but you need to make a social presence on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Devote most of your resources on platforms where most of your clients are available.

Share the content generated for your website on social media. Use these platforms to interact with your clients and related organizations to increase your followers and be popular.

Steps to be social media savvy:

  • Setting up a schedule to post meaningful content on your social media accounts.
  • Interaction with potential clients and influencers in your niche and answering their queries.
  • Edit your profile regularly to direct people to your page.
  • Experiment with various social media platforms to determine which one works for you.
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5. Networking and building a community

Even in today’s digital world, the best and oldest marketing technique is to network i.e., a face-to-face interaction.

People tend to trust the individuals more who they have met in person than individuals they have interacted with on social media or on email.

Get to identify important people in your field and offer them to buy a meal. People love to share their expertise and ask potential customers about their requirements at places they gather. These two ways unlock tremendous opportunities to market yourself.

Build a strong network by following these steps:

  • Plan to spend some time on face-to-face interactions.
  • Make a list of trade shows and events and mark it up in your calendar.
  • When conversing with people, hand out your business cards and marketing materials to them.

– Samiya Firdous

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