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Journalism is indeed one of the most important fields to pursue after class 12th. Important can be also replaced by interesting. Many do ponder about whether they have the required skills or not. There are many things to know indeed. Journalism is one of the less popular subjects that students decide to take up after class 12th, that is because its less promoted process as a subject and the fear of exploring something completely new.

People are usually uncomfortable with the fact of studying or building a career in a field which is completely unknown to them or has been completely unknown to them for a major part of their student life. But that can be called as a baseless fear. Some self-realizations are definitely important before you take up any field of study in the world. For being sure about taking up history you have to be sure about your interest in the ancient roots of human civilization and where we all have come from. Similarly if you want to make sure that whether you should take journalism or not you need to know how passionate you are to bring forward the truth, let people know and behold your dedication.

There are undoubtedly many risks in his field. There are risks of job insecurity, the risks of facing Dangers during any kind of investigation, hard work and overtimes but at the end of the day the job, the career does demand a lot of passion and a lot of determination. Overall it requires an immense amount of guts and confidence to inform, reveal and deliver to the world. At there can be some points that can be actually helpful if you’re looking for pursuing a career or want to pursue a career in journalism.

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A person should have the proper hold on the language he or she is specializing in or is comfortable with. For any local news office you need to know the language quite good. Even if its your mother tongue, proper hold is very important.

The skill of a foreign language can actually help out a lot. It will also help getting a job or can add extra credit.

There is a lack of knowledge about the array of jobs available in this field. One can not only be the reporter, anchor or editor. There are a lot of sub editing and other jobs that are available.

There is an ethical code of conduct in this particular line. There are a lot of rules regarding attribution and coverage of the information.


Reader credibility is very important and as it forms such a big part of people’s everyday lives, small mistakes can have big impact.

Reporters need to be very quick and smart, follow a number of rules and take up dangers inspired by their own dedication

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The notion that journalism can only be studied after graduation is not correct. There are institutions which offer graduation courses and trainings in journalism.

Unbiased nature or objectivity is very important, journalists should show only the facts and the events but not any kind of favoritism or statement to push the audience towards or against a particular side.

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If someone wants to be the editor of s newspaper, other than language skills, the knowledge about the major laws is also important.

There are several steps of news editing. Which covers roles like the editor, sub editor and the news editor.

A newsroom organization has a particular pattern. There is the board of directors, the president the publisher and the editorial and the business room.

Reporters do not need a specific high qualification. But they should have a fine fluency of their own language and the quality of instant presentation of a situation

Colleges like Mount Carmel and Christ university help students achieve their dream and groom them for this field.

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As said before the editorial room is not the only sector that provides jobs in a news organization

There are jobs in the business room, mostly for working in the advertising, circulation and production department

Improper use of wards or libel can put the editor in danger.

There are many kinds of journalisms which include sports, social, political, entertainment, fashion and cultural.

There is also a continuous nature of investigative mentality and high risks.


By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post Things to keep in mind if pursuing a career in Journalism. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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