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Family is the primary part of a person’s life and one of the most influential factors in a child’s life. From the beginning of their life, children depend on their family to protect them and fulfill their needs. Family forms a child’s first relationship, and they are a child’s early teachers and act as a role model. It is a psychological fact that children imitate his/her parents. But, a child not only has a personal life, i.e., a family but is also a student. A child spends a significant part of his life studying to educate himself, and it is essential because an individual needs to develop a good personality, which accounts for a good and completed not only education but also that of good discipline, attitude, and managing skill. Parents need to know about how to help their kids manage studies and daily-life altogether A complete and good education also helps the student to enhance their capacity to acquire knowledge so that they can be used anytime and any day their life without any difference in the career path that the student opts for.

But despite both Family and Studies being an integral part of a child’s life, the essential part of it is being able to create a balance between these two and managing time to provide time judiciously to both. A student’s life is busy, and managing studies and spending time and giving importance to the family can be hard at times. Here are a few tips for students on how to manage their time between daily-life and studies.

Work Out a Timetable: 

After getting the syllabus for the course, start working out on making a timetable in detail. Marking projects of foremost importance and exams on a study calendar is helpful so one can set time aside for studying for exams and complete the projects in advance. Keeping a calendar can help a lot in terms of organizing and remembering one’s schedule and can also help manage time according to one’s comfortability.

Make Efforts or Take out Time to Update the Chart:

It may seem of no use to devote time for updating the chart or the calendar, but it can prove to be helpful. If a calendar is not up to date and consists of wrong or tasks and timings of no importance, it is, in the end, of no use. An updated calendar can ensure the completion and knowledge of all essential and useful events being taken into regard, which will, in turn, help in the time managing process to be without errors and in a smooth manner.

Prioritizing Well Being: 

Managing time between family and studies can prove to be stressful and overwhelming at some point. Keeping up with good health and sound mental health is essential.

Having “Me Time”: 

Often, there are times when one feels to be alone or be in one’s own company. Taking out a couple of hours and spending that time reading a novel, catching up with an ongoing show, or doing some exercise proves to be beneficial. One gets a chance to think and gives more thought in their decisions about studies and family.

Get Support: 

One should never hesitate to ask for support from family and friends. When things get too overwhelming, it’s fine to ask the older ones for help and to get help from instructors or classmates in case of study related manner.

Negotiate with Family: 

One should be open with negotiating with his/her family about changing things around and balancing priorities. Things don’t have to stay as they are. Talking about one’s comfort zone, the changes that can be brought, and the willingness to give and take to create the best outcome for everyone is beneficial.

Letting Professors Know About the Schedule: 

Professors are not robots and have legal and moral bounds outside school. A lot many professors, if a student talks, will understand the hardship of balancing both professional and personal lives simultaneously, and they will be more willing to extend a deadline if they are acknowledged and informed of the schedule.

Staying Flexible and Adjusting One’s Expectations: 

One should use his/her study timetable as an assistant and stay in tune when things need to be switched around. One can find that as the study course continues, he/she may able to manage a subject load and give more time to family. Don’t be strictly adjoined to the plan. If one stays flexible, he/she can have a better luck of fulfilling personal and study goals and that too, without taking any stress.

It’s not easy balancing family and studies, but depending on how one manages, it can make a significant change in relationship with his/her family. There are pros and cons to every option. There isn’t anything like a ‘right’ choice or ‘wrong’ choice, and your preferences will change at different steps and in your family’s life or view. But managing time between daily-life and Studies is an integral role of a child’s life. Receiving love and getting their needs or wants to be fulfilled by family or getting undivided attention or compromises from the teachers as to decrease their workload and understand their individual lives as well cannot constitute a child’s life. The child receiving such factors should also return them in the form of spending quality time with his/her loved ones and maintaining a good education life, and hence maintaining and creating a balanced time between daily-life activities and studies is essential.

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