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Becoming a lawyer can be honourable both financially and personally. Being a lawyer puts lots of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to keep your client’s best interest at heart, fight for them, protect them and provide them justice in the courtroom. It’s a challenging task indeed but nothing comes easy nowadays.

As you continue your studies, you should start practising law in a firm by applying for Internships. This will help you gain a significant amount of information over time, get experience and hone your skills and qualities for becoming a great lawyer.

Striving to be a successful lawyer can be difficult but not impossible. Here are certain skills and qualities that will help you become a successful lawyer:

1. Good Communication Skills

Both oral and written, to become a successful lawyer or advocate you must have excellent communication skills. Good speaking skills are required in order to argue with more persuasiveness before the Juries and Judge in a court of law. Fluency in communicating effectively and efficiently is a skill that can be learned while completing your studies in college by taking part in various activities such as public speaking, debate competitions etc.

Apart from developing speaking skills, lawyers must have impressive writing skills too. As they have to produce various legal documents which must be written clearly, persuasively and concisely. Both speaking and writing skills makes your communication skills. You must know how to convey your message before the judge or the public at large.

2. Judgement

A lawyer must be able to draw a logical, reasonable conclusion and assumption from the information provided to him. Being a lawyer you must assess these judgements critically so that you are already aware of the positive and negative areas of the case.

There will be a lot of important judgement calls that you have to make in a little time that is beneficial and in favour of the client.

3. Analytical skills


The study and practice of law involve large quantities of information. Being a lawyer you must-have the qualities of analytical skills to deconstruct information into smaller categories in order to draw conclusions. At times, there will be multiple conclusions or more than one principal applicable to resolving a solution.

To become a lawyer you must develop analytical skills to analyse and evaluate the events by using critical methods of analysing and come up with the most suitable solution best suited for the situation.

4. Research Skills

To become a successful lawyer you must be good at research work. Quick and effective research is necessary to understand your client, their needs and legal strategies to proceed with their case.

You need to understand and comprehend large chunks of information and conclude down into something manageable and useful. This will help you to come up with legal strategies to help your client win the case. During the research, it must be taken into consideration the legal strategies which satisfy and safeguards the interest of the clients.

5. Perseverance

Every lawyer must hold perseverance skills and qualities. It develops the capability to deal with and perform the activities and tasks allocated to them productively and constructively with the multiple and variety-full events which further help them to stay focused and embodies distractions.

When you are working on a case you must have the perseverance to finish the work despite difficulties to drive it into a successful finish. Even to become a lawyer, you need to give continuous efforts towards your studies, and it takes a great deal of perseverance and commitment before you even start it.

6. Enquiring skills

To become a successful lawyer requires capacity and ability to understand the topics in their deepest sense and in their true form, quick and effective understanding of multiple things simultaneously.

Enquiring skills can help in analysing the appropriate provisions and legal strategies that can be implied in a particular case. These skills are necessary to understand the client’s case, provide appropriate remedies and providing justice the client wishes to seek.

7. Decision-making skills


A lawyer must be good at decision-making skills. Decision-making skills help you to take the decision out of the events after analysing them. A lawyer is judged by his ability to make decisions that may help to get positive outcomes while representing the client in the courtroom.

A lawyer must be able to draw out conclusions based on the information provided to him and also look out for the needs and interests of the client in a logistic manner.


There is no hard and fast rule to become successful. You can only be successful if you love your job. The success of a lawyer depends on how one chooses to measure his success. Some of them consider themselves successful when they become a partner with a well-renounced law firm. Others are happy to make a living in their solo practice. So take time to brush your skills and qualities that will help you down the road.

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So this is the end of the post 7 major skills to become a successful lawyer. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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