Law As A Career

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An Individual who studies and practices law can make a career in law. There are two major categories: Advocates and lawyers. Advocates represent cases in a courtroom while lawyers are legal advisors.

Educational requirement

Law is a field that accepts any background study before you take it as a core. This means after the 10th one can opt for any stream. After completing 12th there are two ways of getting into law: 3-year L.L.B or 5 years integrated L.L.B


5 years integrated degree

LLB is combined with other graduation fields in this degree. B.A.LLB, LLB, B.Sc. LLB or BBA LLB. Hence you choose the course as per your interest. The eligibility for the course is passing 12th with 45 percent and answering the entrance test. Your scores will get you into the desired college.

Entrance test

  • CLAT: Common law Admission test. This test is standardized for 22 National law universities of India. It’s a multiple chose 2 hours test.
  • AILET: All India Law Entrance Test, is a test by NLU( national law university) Delhi for B.An LLB (Hons).
  • LSAT: Law School Admission Test. This test is for 4 private colleges namely,
    • O.P Jindal Global University, Sonipat Haryana. (BA LLB)
    • K.L.E Society’s Law College, Ullal Karnataka (BA LLB, B.Com LLB, and BBA LLB)
    • Chotanagpur Law College, Ranchi Jharkhand (BBA LLB)
    • Midnapore law college, Midnapore, West Bengal (BA LLB)
  • SET law: Symbiosis Entrance test, conducted by symbiosis international university for law students. All law schools accept this test score.

3 year Degree

To apply for this one must first get graduated from the field of their choice. Once graduated, answer the entrance test to complete eligibility. This way is good for those who discover their passion for the law after signing up for other courses. It’s never too late!

Entrance test

LSAT could be given to this course. Besides that, tests by universities and states are available. Example: DU LLB by the Delhi University can get you into any law college afflicted by Delhi university. Similarly, BU-LLB.
MH-CET is by the Maharashtra government that can get you into any law school in Maharashtra.

Once you receive your LLB you can either become a lawyer or sign up for internships gain experience and enroll yourself with the state bar council. Answer the All India Bar examination conducted by the Bar council. This makes you eligible to be an advocate!



LLM is the degree you should go for if you look forward to specializing. This is needed only in terms of research, education, and publishing.
One can specialize in areas of criminal, tax, immigration, family, corporate, environmental, and intellectual property.

Attributes to keep in Mind!

  • Communication: Strong communication skills are necessary. In a courtroom situation, you will have to counter-attack the prosecution, convince the judge, interview your client to know the truth! This is not just in terms of speaking but writing too. Legal terms and language shall be known and used well to keep records and make a persuasive case.
  • Logical and analytic rationalization: your job revolves around written rules that are broken. Cases can get tricky. In such a situation analyzing the situation and providing logical explanations is the key. Cases might arise where your client isn’t making the right decision. Those times will demand you to rationalize the situation through logical reasoning.
  • Research: Get ready to interview lots of people and reading! Research is a must. If you wish to be a lawyer and have to provide legal advice, you may have to read and re-read clauses, archived reports, news, and get history checked.
  • Time management: if you’re representing a case at the court you need time management. A balance between solid research, interviewing, and court. Besides that, don’t forget to self-time. Your health is still a priority!
  • Stress management: Juggling between multiple cases can be hectic! There is always stress. Some innocent’s freedom is your responsibility or possibly your client is having you a hard time, lying to you. Hence pause and breathe as you have to manage all these cases irrespective of their level of difficulty.
  • Observation: This skill can help you win. There can be a time when the opponent is being unethical, listen well, observe, and focus on their representation. During the research, have a keen eye for details. There could be clues that can make the case a piece of cake.


Law might be a stressful field of work, but you can always have the best of experience in it. If you are ready to work hard then this is your chance to get up and get that job. Remember to be ethical. Happy leaning!


Frequently Asked Questions

Successful lawyers require excellent communication and negotiation skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, research proficiency, attention to detail, time management, and the ability to work under pressure. Strong ethical values and empathy are also essential for effective legal practice.

Law offers a wide range of specializations, including criminal law, civil law, corporate law, family law, environmental law, intellectual property law, international law, human rights law, and more. Aspiring lawyers can choose a specialization based on their interests and career goals.

Staying updated with legal developments is crucial for a lawyer’s career. Regularly reading legal publications, attending seminars, participating in workshops, and joining professional legal associations can help lawyers stay informed about the latest changes and trends in the legal field.

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