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When you dive into the world of literature, it provides you with ample career opportunities. Literature is a disciplinary subject that is actually more vast than it appears to be. Also, if you opt for an English literature course, you are in for a good treat. There are many fields and jobs where the knowledge of English and literature is required, while in many other fields, it is in fact compulsory. Many people have a misconception regarding a literature course. The traditional myths, that still follow to date, are that if you do a course on literature you might turn into an author or professor of the same course. Our country sees Arts & Humanities as a subject for those who could not do better in science or commerce. However, if we see the scope in arts and humanities, it is much broader and better than that of science and commerce. Literature being one of the disciplinary and humanities subjects does provide better opportunities, and that too in varied fields.

The study of literature is not centered now. It directs you to a range of fields. Literature is not just centered on merely reading books about poetry and huge novels, it requires a hefty amount of analyzing and finding the meaning behind words and expressions. Literature is an acclaimed field, for there are companies that need copywriters, company spokesperson, and these jobs can be provided to you only when you have a strong hand and proficiency in English writing and fluency in oral. The discipline provides jobs that range from journalism to proofreaders and editors. Here, we present you with the jobs coming from a degree in English Literature, chosen with utmost precision.


Starting with a very traditional field, literature is considered good for publishing works and pieces of articles for newspapers. However, with time, the meaning of publishing has changed, too. It’s the world where freelancing is popularizing and publishing has crept up to its way in freelancing as well. Companies hire freelancers to write articles for their websites. Articles for newspapers, magazines, and journals are written by company-hired content writers and copywriters and further edited by editors and proofreaders before publishing.

Publishing, Career opportunities after Degree in English Literature


Education is another field seen from the traditional perspective of a literature student. It is a very conventional thought; however, education has itself gone far from being conventional. Studying literature, as mentioned above, is mostly like deciphering meanings behind every word, comprehending what one wants to say, which is an essential attribute for being a teacher or a professor, or a guide.

Education, Career opportunities in education industry, become a teacher, become a professor

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The next traditionally acknowledged field for literature enthusiasts is writing. Immersing in books and developing a world around the characters, is something literature students do very often. This acts as a catalyst, enhancing one’s ability to feel, prompt out, and give words to their feelings. If one sticks to this, they can make superb authors or poets. However, the course of writing has changed over time as well. New, as well as traditional writers, are moving to become movie scriptwriters, entering the Filmmaking and Theatre scene as well.

Writer, Career opportunities after Degree in English Literature, Become a writer

International Relations

Hold any book from Shakespeare or Dickens, you will find most of the world’s pressing problems there. A degree in English literature helps you explore the world. Literature teaches you more of the social, political, and cultural aspects of society. For instance, “Through the looking glass” by Lewis Carroll, meant to be children’s literature, and yet it teaches you about the political scenario of Britain. In international relations, you learn to apply those, social, political, and cultural theories to the news that make top-stories globally.

International Relations


This doesn’t sound traditional but English literature has made its way here as well. Advertising companies hire people as copywriters, creative executives, promotional heads, event organizers, etc. This is because English literature students are known for their creativity, analytical mind, reasoning, and most importantly, writing and communication skills. The advertising industry focuses on people with idiosyncratic thinking and open-mindedness.

Advertising, Career opportunities after Degree in English Literature, career in Advertising industry


English literature, in law? Yes. English literature does help build a career in law since it teaches and prepares a base for analytical and critical thinking in one’s mind; critical judgment, problem-solving, and a steady study of human behavior. In the field of law, one has to be very particular about judgments and problem-solving, and other aforementioned attributes. Hence, for law pursuers, a degree in English literature before actually pursuing law is, in fact, a good idea.

Law, Career opportunities after Degree in English Literature

Today we live in a world that is growing dynamically and we have a surfeit of career options. A degree in English literature gives abundant opportunities. Another major job a degree in English literature tends to provide is Media and Journalism, and enthusiastically followed field other than this, English literature gives you opportunities in Public Relations, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Public Sector, Lexicography as well. English literature inculcates numerous skills, a few of which are creative writing proficiency, reading, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving techniques. It teaches one to comprehend hypothetical ideas and concepts. It also keeps you in tune with human behavior and psychology. The degree of English literature might not be a technical degree, but it does form a base for all.

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