9 Essential Skills to become a Good Doctor

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Becoming a doctor is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded profession. There can nothing more satisfying than saving a life and looking at their happy faces. Medicine is a vocational course that urges resilient professionalism under a core set of values that is crucial in our society.

Are you planning to pursue your career in Medicine? Ever wondered what does it take to become a good doctor?

Here are the top 8 essential skills you must have:

1. Good Communication Skills

Nowadays good communication skills are required in every profession. You must have a good command of your communication skills to excel in your career. For a doctor, good communication skills can help them to easily contact the patients, manage and coordinate with other doctors, nurses and staffs and discussing and explaining the situation of the patient with their family members.

2. The ability to work as part of a team

Every doctor has to work in a team. You will have to work and coordinate alongside other doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists, social workers and other staff members.

doctor, teamwork

To get the best treatment for your patient you must be able to collaborate well with other people and work as a team. There can be times when you disagree with some decision made by your team but don’t let that affect your patient and it must be resolved by raising the concerns politely and professionally.

3. A strong work Ethic

Being a doctor isn’t easy, you need to do a lot of hard work to become a successful doctor. You have to put in a lot of efforts and sacrifice a lot of things. A doctor must maintain strong work ethics and make the patient’s life their priority.

It’s a profession where you have to work late for long hours, where getting holidays are difficult. For a doctor, it’s important to dedicate themselves 100% to work despite any personal problems, how tired you are and any plans with friend or family.

4. Compassion

Bookish knowledge and years of experience you need compassion to become a good doctor. It’s crucial to feel the emotions and pain of your patients to cure them properly. You must care about your patients to heal them mentally as well as physically.

You will be treating patients at the most critical situation of their life and showing them you care about them, and you are with them on this journey can provide them mental support which can help them to recover faster. You must always be available for your patients whenever they need you.

5. Care Providers

They should be naturally caring to the applicants. Many applicants are having a medical condition that they have to examine and taking screening for the purpose could be tiresome for the patients. You also need to be quick to react in case of emergency or alert from a Medical Guardian.

6. Leadership Skills

You must have leadership skills to become a good doctor. There will be a time when you have to make certain decisions which might not be easy but being a doctor you have to make the final choice and stick with it.

You will be responsible for instructing and guiding your team members on what to do and when. In this profession with experience, you get additional responsibilities on your shoulders, and you must prepare yourself to make the right decision and take charge when needed.

7. Organisational Skills

In this profession, you will be visiting numerous patients. It is easy to get overwhelmed dealing with each and every patient. Patient’s contact, paperwork, meetings, making prescription considering their past operations or allergies with certain medicines and figuring out the best quality care and treatment possible for everyone.

Organising all of this can be really hectic. It requires excellent organizational skills to provide equal attention to every patient. You need to a lot of paperwork and making a prescription for their treatment hence you will have to understand that you will have to cope up with the aspect of medical lifestyle.

8. Excellent Academic Performance

Becoming a doctor requires years of studying and hard work. You must have excellent academic performance ability to learn and understand the information you will need to properly treat and cure your patients.

academic excellence, doctor

A doctor must have enough knowledge to treat and give solutions to the problems the patient is suffering from after all it’s the medical knowledge that saves the life of the people. Medical is a profession where you need to constantly upgrade yourself with the latest discoveries in medicines and innovation in technologies to treat your patients.

9. Stress Management

Long hours of work, watching people die, patients with critical diseases, hospital issues (such as funding and under-staffing), responsibility towards family, plus many other factors all combine to provide a tremendous amount of pressure and stress for doctors.

It will be easier for you to deal with all of it if you have good stress management skills. Everyone has different ways to keep them out of the stress you have to figure out what is best for you to keep yourself out of stress in these situations. Working with stress and pressure in mind may lead to poor judgement and can have negative effects on your patients.

By – Koustav Banik

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