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It all starts with “Today’s generation..”, belonging to this era in time we often tend to wonder, “Do I have the potential to do it?”. We don’t have to manage just work stress but academics and be there for the family. In such a situation, instead of losing confidence, one can start practicing multitasking. Multitasking is a way of managing and completing multiple tasks to save oneself time.

The importance of multitasking has been on the rise in recent times due to increasing competition. One always wishing to make more money to sustain their life and, multitaskers are a company’s first choice. Practicing multitasking is known to increase productivity, save time and overcome procrastination. This allows us to improve on ourselves and increase the quality of our work. Students should practice multitasking from an early age to habituate to it.

Here are a few approach tips for Multitasking

  • Prepare: A few minutes of extra preparation the previous day can save you from hours of slogging the next day. Consider the example of cooking. Soaking the ingredients of Dosa overnight can help you achieve a good REM sleep as well as give yummy Dosa the next day.
  • Checklist: Idea of creating a timetable may or may not work as a lot of us don’t adhere to it. Hence the best solution is to get up every morning and prepare a list of actions you will be performing that day. of course, keep some extra space for ‘on-the-spot work!’.
  • Clustering and Prioritizing: These qualities go hand in hand. Some tasks could be grouped, but it isn’t a priority, while there can be tasks that are a priority but can’t be grouped. It, therefore, becomes a necessity to set priorities. The less important task in the group can either be done quickly or delegated.
  • Delegate: To delegate means to entrust a task to another. It could be a junior or a teammate. It helps in reducing load and improves focus. And remember not to feel embarrassed about asking for help. It’s indeed a competition but, you aren’t a superhero.
  • Supervise: Just like report cards, one needs to access his/her progress. A simple tick mark on the checklist won’t cost you anything. If you are working, 5 mins of your lunchtime could be used to recheck your list. Add or check out tasks. It helps you stay on track and boost your self-esteem and well as self-confidence.


In the process of multitasking, you can be knocked by two intruders- Health and distraction. These two often destroy a persons’ physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Remember! ‘Heath is wealth’ focusing on several tasks may make us think we got no time to eat, leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and diseases. And nobody wants that! It takes us to the psychological part of mental health- Take breaks, after every set of tasks or every hour. There is no harm in having fruits instead of junk. 

Make sure you allocate part of your week to self-care. Do some cooking, skincare, wash your bike, or anything that clams your mind.

Distraction, the evil enemy you need to overcome and get rid of. While social media was supposed to be an idea of break has now turned into a complete distraction. One can spend hours just scrolling Instagram or Reddit is losing productivity ad focus resulting in plie of, now, unachievable tasks. The best solution to keep your phone aside, but that is not possible for all, considering everything is on the phone. Hence rescript internet access to social media apps while working.

Prepare that brain!

In the end, multitasking is to push yourself to know the best of you. But this does not give you the right to torture yourself or over expect and get unachievable goals. Make sure you tell yourself every morning what kind of a day it will be. Rate the scale of busy. It will not let your mind collapse in the middle of the day. It is where your checklist helps you. As you keep striking off tasks, you ease the pressure on your mind. Motivate yourself to gain the strength you need to the best for the day.

:By- Neha Pandey

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