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In our country, Class 10th and 12th students are under mental pressure because of board exams. They are constantly reminded about exams and expected to perform at their very best. In this situation, stress and depression are unavoidable. But here are some tips to help you through your academic stress-free.

Stress can lead to the alteration of many bodily functions. It affects everyone and everything. And falling sick during or when your exams are near is not a very good experience. It can affect your productivity and spoil the efforts you made to study. A person suffering from stress is not considered healthy, as it is the total well-being of a person, both mentally and physically. Balancing your physical and mental health requires your efforts.

Stay positive by making choices in life that are positive and maintaining a balance between studies and relaxation in your life. When you are healthy from the inside, you can handle all the situations in your life better. Being in a good mental state allows you to be relaxed and focused, and when you are focused, you retain information for a long time. Distractions could be your worst enemy during board exams, and anxiety can wreak havoc on your exams.

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When your anxiety levels become too high, you start suffering. That needs to be under control. 

There are two types of anxiety.

  1. Rational Anxiety – Your anxiety is rational anxiety when you have a reason like you didn’t study for the exam properly. This type of anxiety arises because of bad habits, which you need to change. You should also adopt some proven study methods that boost your productivity.  
  2. Irrational Anxiety – Your anxiety is considered irrational anxiety when you do not have a real reason to be stressed or anxious. For example, you have studied everything for your exam but are still anxious, then you won’t give your best because of fear. It causes you to not perform up to the mark. Sometimes irrational anxiety can be triggered due to previous failures.

Here are 8 Tips that you can cope your anxiety with during exams:

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Start preparing early and maintain consistency, so that in the end you are left with revisions only. It will also enable you to revise multiple times, thereby increasing your chance of scoring well. 


To study efficiently and avoid last-minute mental stress, always follow a well thought out timetable that is realistic.


Instead of studying one subject for hours at a time, try studying multiple subjects for shorter durations. That way, you will not feel exhausted or burnt out. You can increase your productivity significantly if you stop doing monotonous activities.  


It has been proven that taking notes during classes and practicing helps you retain information longer. You can always use these notes for last-minute revisions instead of going through the books.

Note Making


Peer learning is a very effective way to study. You can ask for help whenever you have a doubt, without waiting for your teachers. Your classmates can tell you tips that helped them personally and help you revise. 


Develop a habit of solving last year’s question papers during the time your actual exams would take place. It will train your mind to focus on the actual exam. 

Sample Papers


Like we previously mentioned, eating good meals every day is essential for your development. When you feel good, you can focus. Try to incorporate at least 10-15 minutes of exercise into your daily routine. This habit will keep you fit and strong. 


Taking a break at the right time intervals is important. Taking breaks helps you refresh your mind and come back stronger. Make sure you don’t spend your time scrolling through social media. Try to go out or spend time with your family members instead of looking at screens. 

: By- Ria Prasad

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