Is Mental Health More Important Than Physical Health?

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Mental health plays a significant role in people‘s ability to maintain good physical health. Mental health affects your physical health. Mental Health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It implicates how we think, feel, and act. It also helps to see however we tend to handle stress, relate to others, and create healthy decisions. Mental health is valuable at every phase of life. Mental health drives your physical health.  The reasons why mental health is more important:

Mental health affects physical health

There is a relation between our mental and physical health. Mental illness can cause stress and affects our immunity levels. An unhealthy mind cause anxiety and depression, which can impede one’s ability to stay active. A healthy mind is easily able to deal with life situations that are difficult for an unhealthy mind. The relation between mind and body is adequately organized. 

Mental health is related to Emotional well-being

Mental Health manages our emotions and feeling. It manages our happiness, sadness, anger, and excitement. Emotional well-being help to stimulate productivity and how to deal with daily errands. Psychologists say if you are mentally stable, then you are emotionally stable. 

Mental health plays a significant role in relationships

It is very important how we behave with our close ones. An unhealthy mind can influence how we execute ourselves with close ones. Mental Illness can oversee passive-aggressiveness, hostility, and ineptitude to take part in social activities. Mental illness can also throw your close ones away without any faults of theirs.

Mental health is linked with crime and victimization

Mental health imposes a heightened risk of violent crimes. An unhealthy mind has always victim mentality. It can harm itself in various ways. The risk can further increase if an individual consumes drugs or alcohol. In most cases, crimes are caused by a mentally sick person.

Mental health is connected to productivity and financial stability

A healthy mind promotes more productivity and financial stability. A study by an American psychiatrist says people with an unhealthy mind earn 40 percent less than people with a healthy mind. Poor mental health leads to impoverished productivity and implicates financial stability.
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Mental health affects the quality of life

An unhealthy mind can forfeit curiosity in the things we used to enjoy. An unhealthy mind leads to a sense of hopelessness, sadness, worthlessness. They always feel guilty, anxious, fear and lost control. These things badly affect life. It is very important to mentally stable to maintain the quality of life.

Mental health awareness can help in preventing suicide rates

A study says about 60 percent of the people who committed suicide are suffering from mental disorders. If we spread mental awareness, people will come out and talk about their problems and, many lives can be saved. We can help to lessen the number of deaths by suicide.
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Mental health awareness enable community building

If we continuously spread mental awareness and tell people why mental health is more important, we can help build better support facilities for those suffering from mental illness. It leads to more recovery cases of mental disorders.



Mental health is more important than our physical health. But still, no one wants to talk about mental health. Isn’t it so strange?
Please start speaking about it. Normalize it as you normalize any physical sickness. Spread mental health awareness and save innocent lives. Make it simple for them to speak about their issues.
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