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The one thing that has been shamelessly and terribly ignored by the society and therefore inflicting the process of disrespect and pressure on the victims, is the matter of mental health. The people are so ignorant of the fact that mental health is one of the most important invisible conditions which can actually put a patient through a lot of pain and serious conditions, ultimately affecting him to deadly levels, that they refuse to even believe about its existence.

Since times immemorial, mental health has been suffering the same ignorance and reaction. The society always seem to take those conditions seriously which can be seen or the results of which are clearly distinguished and visible.

But its difficult to point out the condition of a patient with any category of mental sickness. That was the very reason the importance that the condition deserved was never given. People would treat the symptoms or the problems by claiming them to be just another “phase of life”. Earlier the society wasn’t so well informed about the condition and there were no proper means or opportunities to find out the proper conditions. For a hugely unaware society it was difficult to actually understand the conditions or when to see a doctor. 

But the most disappointing thing is the strange belief that it’s shameful or undisclosable to have a mental illness. Many less are aware of the extremities caused by a small or seemingly normal condition. The biggest devil in this condition is its very difficult to treat it as a serious threat. Firstly its very hard to understand the patient’s behavior, as most of the time the patient mixes it with the everyday normal behavior. Its difficult to distinguish it. But the sadder truth is that most of the time the patients hide the condition when they are at the initial levels, even when they realize that it’s not normal to feel like that.

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The cases of serious anxiety and depression can be held for that particular thing. Many patients have been seen to understand that the feeling of extreme anxiety and a certain amount of restlessness and finally depression is okay as they are thought to pass away very fast. People assume that these states can get better or just vanish with time, but what makes it riskier, and a real challenge is that, if not dealt with it can act like any other illness, but in a very manipulative way. It can gain control over your body and mind and finally force you to believe that there is no more chance of betterment. 


Although it has been gaining a lot of support and ground lately, while the media and schools are trying hard to normalize it to the best of their abilities, the concept of it being no serious threat and a mere state of mind is deeply engraved inside the minds of the common people. They leave it mostly untreated for. The patients aren’t encouraged to open up about their condition on the grounds that the revelation can make the “weird one” unsuitable to survive in the society. This has been a common problem in the past too.

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It  has been found out that after the world war, many people were suffering from stress and fear of bombshells, some of them feeling like they were stuck inside a horrible dream where they could see the burning flames of the blast and thousands of bloody dead bodies scattered around them. The people during those times would laugh at them and taunt about their manliness and bravery, pointing it out that the condition was none other than their timid imaginations. It was never considered that it could have been the state of trauma, more popularly known as the “post traumatic stress disorder” in the medical language. 

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Mental health can in the run affect working and personal relationships and make you lonely and vulnerable. It can occur in any age groups. For example behavioral disorders and emotional disorders are very common within children. Nowadays many people do open up about their anxiety disorders and panic disorders. Many shows and cinemas have portrayed the obsessive-compulsive disorder too.

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Many tv shows have also portrayed the condition of bipolar affective disorder which nowadays have become a very common word. Depression and eating disorders are also something most of us are aware of. But mental illness can be of a huge scale and an example pf that can be schizophrenia which comes with delusions and extreme hallucinations. Multiple personality disorder is also one of the most complicated ones. 

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The media has been doing a commendable job in this field. They have been portraying theses mental illness and pressing on the fact that its important to pay attention to these. Its important to treat the patients with care and quite normally, nothing to laugh at and make fun of. Recently the Hallyu industry (South Korean film and drama industry) has been trying a lot to portray some of the lesser-known disorders such as antisocial personality disorder and depression leading to extreme steps like suicides or self-harm.

Films About Mental Illness

By: Srija Dutta

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