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Making decisions is tough for all especially students. Even as a student, you can optimize your decision-making process. Choices are equally important as chances given to any person. According to research by Carnegie Mellon University, decision-making is important, making no decision is also a decision. Research suggests that you can use different methods like the 2-minute diversion technique by distracting yourself with moderate activity like games, doing maths, puzzles, etc. Identify your problem. Do a pro-con comparison and visualize the consequences. Sometimes there is no right or wrong at a given point in time, so you should be confident.

Why we make irrational decisions?

People want to make good and rational decisions every day. Education, marketing, competition, or any other area daily, we need to make decisions. When there is no time to logically analyze and when you are in a mentally exhausted or emotional state, you should make the right decision which is tough. It results in making a wrong or irrational decision.

Decision Making

Learn the art of decision-making

Today there are multiple opportunities for students. But too many options like what project to choose, which subject to take, etc. Confuse the brain to take any decision. Even in education, kids are starting feeling pressure. And to avoid making bad decisions or fall into a decision trap learning about decision making is important. Everyone should be self-determined and know what they want and how to get it.

Power of positive decision making:

Deciding with a positive mindset and belief is important. People, who think negatively, worry more, are distracted, and feel restricted with options. They start with negative thinking and get in the trap for more information, time, and calculation and exhaust in the end. But when you think positively and then make a decision, you evaluate more options with an open mind. Therefore, it helps to see more alternative outcomes and taking a good decision.

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Effect of emotion in decision making:

Neuroscientist says emotions have a huge impact on the whole decision-making process. No one can decide without being emotional, it is ok to be emotional. But getting too happy or too sad will impact you from taking the right decision. There are effects of emotions on the body and mind. It can cause physical responses like constipation, stress, insomnia, and high blood pressure. Thus it can stop you from performing better in every area of your life.

How not to make a decision:

If it is impacting more people or society, then it is not a good decision. By following wrong examples or ways and making decisions. It will be really hard if just after the 10th you are going to do the job. Just for early income, don’t choose a course. And just because your friend is doing that course is not necessary you should do it too. You need to be interested in whatever you are doing. Take small decisions on your own. Also, don’t put somebody else to decide for you.

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When deciding on a career:

Some ways make a decision better for a student. Optimize your decision-making process with the help of the following ways:

  • Career counseling process: Don’t stress, fear or feel anxiety and procrastinate while making decisions. There is no perfect decision and, no one can guarantee success always. If you are confused about more career choices, take help from a counselor, teacher, or someone who can help you.
  • Psychometric test: Take the help of psychometric tests or any other tests to know yourself and your personality. It will help you in decision-making.
  • Invest where you know you can perform. And remember, everyone, learns from experiences.
  • Analyze before you act: If you haven’t discovered your interest and when you are making a decision, first analyze. If this path helps you to grow and if your talent and desire are for the same thing, the decision could be the right.
  • When you are in a situation where there are two right choices. Then make a decision based on your goal.
  • When you are uncertain about the outcomes of your decision, then believe in yourself, have positive thinking and attitude, and less concern about the future.

How to make a good decision better:

When you are young, you want the best in every field, but you cannot make everything perfect. But you can try small constant habits. It will change your comfort zone and will train your brain for better decision-making. People should know when to stop because too much effort on a single thing is not worthy. Reduce the number of choices you have will help in faster decision-making. Give priority to important and urgent information in your mind.


By- Priya Panwar 

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