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Entertainment is one of the inseparable parts of our life; it is a way of escaping from a fixed and tiring day (maybe at work or at school). Entertainment is something that is required by all irrespective of their age or work. When we talk about entertainment first thing that comes to our mind is movies or web series, movies and web series are made in different genres and different ideas to meet the different interests of people. 


Motivational movies are movies or series generally inspired by someone’s real-life struggle and achievement. Dealing with neck-to-neck competition in the modern era, sometimes we get tired and feel like giving up and that is where a motivational or inspirational movie or video comes into play. These movies make us look inside ourselves and can be used as motivation to move ahead in life.

motivational movies


As entertainment is part of everyone’s life, we get influenced by movies at a very personal level, we generally try and relate to them and implement what we see. We can see that many people especially youngsters are very much attracted by the characters of a movie and hence try to imitate them (as they get influenced by action movies and develop rebellious attitude), similarly, motivational movies also affect them and so they try to overcome their problems and issues after getting inspired from others life lessons.


Motivational speakers are people who understand human psychology i.e. what are the general questions in our mind and what can be the situations where we feel tired and needs motivation. They often include various struggles they have faced themselves along with stories of some successful people (about how much effort they had put into their work and life to reach the position they are at now), these stories give hope to people who had just reached the edge of giving up.

There are variously reputed and followed motivational speakers like Chetan Bhagat, Sandeep Maheshwari, and many more, there are various platforms where various speakers share their real-life incidents like Ted Talk, and you can even find many videos and inspirational stories on YouTube as well.

The motive of these speakers is to influence and help as many people as possible because it’s not a hidden fact that everyone whether old or young needs motivation at some point in time to go on in their life, we need idols to follow and to become something in our lives. Then these movies and speeches prove helpful in encouraging you.

motivational movies



This a Bollywood movie starring one of the best Indian actors Amir Khan and Darsheel Safary, the story is about a child suffering from dyslexia who is not understood by his own parents and termed as stubborn and naughty child. Amir being his art teacher puts in lots of effort and treats him with a lot of patience and love and his efforts did bear great fruits and the child’s dyslexia gets corrected. The moral of the story is that if given proper love, care, and attention even the weakest child can shine the brightest.

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This movie is based on a true event where a man named Dashrat lives with his wife in a small village, they had to cross a huge mountain in order to reach near to city for getting their work done, one such time his wife was crossing the mountain to take his lunch to him and her leg slipped and she fell from the mountain, it took a lot of time to carry her to the hospital and it was too late and she and her child (she was pregnant) died. This incident totally shook Dashrat and he decided to break the mountain and develop a path from his village to the city, after working alone for many years he did it. The moral of the story states that determination, hope, and faith can even make the mountain fall.


This was the real-life story of the Flying Sikh – world champion runner and Olympian Milkha Singh, who overcame the massacre of his family, the Partition, and subsequent homelessness to become one of India’s most iconic athletes. He infamously lost the biggest race of his life at the 1960 Rome Olympics. But through the darkness, he finds the light of redemption. Milkha Singh was not only portrayed as a man of steel in the movie but it also showed his fears, vulnerabilities, desires, and downfall. The film was inspirational because it spoke of dignity, dedication, and discipline.



Chak De! India was inspired by the life of Indian hockey player Mir Ranjan Negi. He was the goalkeeper during the Asian Games 1982 when India faced a defeat with a score of 1-7 against Pakistan. This was a humiliating experience for Negi where he faced allegations of letting his country down purposely. Later in his life, Negi coached the National Women’s hockey team and the team went on to win Gold at the Manchester Commonwealth games. The movie leaves the message about your determination and also shuts the mouth of all old thinking people who still feel that sports are not something for women to excel in.

The above mentioned are just some of the masterpieces made by Bollywood, there are many more inspirational and motivational movies.

By: Nupur Bhagat

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