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For many Shawshank Redemption is not just a movie but much more than that. It is a movie about life in prison, false conviction, corruption of the bureaucrats, and friendship. It highlights the idea of hope and justice. Only once a while such a cinema is made. It is a piece of art which has moved several souls and given hope at various points of time in their lives. The movie shows the story of a man who is in a prison and how he adapts to the new situations in there. 

The movie shows the importance of  persistence and patience which would help anyone in achieving their goals and objectives. The Protagonist in the movie does not give up no matter how many obstacles come his way. He had a plan which he executed with patience and consistency. Even in real life no good thing will happen in one go. There will be many obstructions and bumps on the way.

The key to success is not to get demotivated by them rather face them with patience and persistence. He had to work a lot in order to get his ultimate plan executed. It took him years and years and he worked every single day without letting him be affected by what was happening around him or what other prisoners told him or thought about him. 

Another important lesson which one can learn is that one should always keep looking for opportunities. There is always one near you, it’s just you have to be open minded and aware of your surroundings in order to take advantage of that. Even when the situation is bad one can make something good out of and to his benefit if he is ready to be aware and adapt to the surroundings in order to gain an advantage by tapping the opportunities around him. 

Still From The Shawshank Redemption.

The movie has various different characters and a viewer can learn something or the other from each one of its characters. From the character of warden Samuel Nortan one gets to learn that exploiting others will only lead to a path of endless troubles. Thus one should think twice before doing wrong to others. In real life too gaining’s something at the cost of exploiting others would do no good.

500full The Shawshank Redemption Screenshot

One particular lesson which I find the most interesting and very helpful is this: to keep your mind occupied when things around you are not fine. Instead of worrying about things that you cannot change and reducing your productivity due to the same one should focus on the positives and do whatever possible can be done. Life will ultimately become meaningful when honest efforts are involved and may help in coming out of the darkest places.


The Ultimate lesson which one can gain from this movie is that hope is a good thing. The day one might lose hope could be the day when one might lose the battle. A very famous line from the movie is this: “ There are places in this world that aren’t made out of stone… there’s something inside … that they can’t get to, that they can’t touch. That’s yours… Hope”.

It contradicts the idea that hope is a dangerous thing which may drive a man insane. Rather it explains how it is a beautiful thing and may be the sole reason for the survival of many people. In real life often one may lose confidence due to certain failure but one should never lose hope and rather face life with all vigour to succeed in everything that you do. 


By: Debarati Pal

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