7 Tips To Clear NEET Exam After Class 12th

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Earlier studies in school and colleges were enough to crack any kind of competitive exams. In today’s time there is a lot of competition and the studies in school and colleges are not enough to crack these exams. It’s time for self study and NEET preparation. It is very hard for students to use the right approach and techniques while studying. There is a lot of competition between students and due to this there is a huge rise in coaching classes where special attention is given to students to make them prepare for exams like NEET. These exams have some techniques which are not that easy to understand by yourself, coaching helps students to crack the NEET exams.

Having proper knowledge about the syllabus

You need to understand and have knowledge about the syllabus whether it is a school college or any kind of competitive exam. Knowing the syllabus will help you to focus on the important chapters you have to cover the crack exams. Similarly the syllabus of NEET is very fast. You have to know the exact syllables to bring out the best output. The NEET syllabus covers the NCERT syllabus also.

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Using good quality study materials

You need to understand and choose the right study material for cracking your exam. Many students are taking help of teachers and online teachers who can make them understand and choose the right study material for them. Also you can take help from the students who have appeared in the NEET exam or someone who has cracked the exam. You can get an idea with the help of YouTube videos where the students who have appeared in the exam share their preparation style. You have to make your notes and solve question papers of previous years and also take tests so that you can improve your speed and accuracy.

Make a timetable

You have to make a realistic timetable because it will help you to stay more focused towards your goals during the preparation for your NEET exam. Having a well structured time table will help you to cover the syllabus of 2 years in the given time. You have to be organised and well maintained while managing your time properly. Try to follow your time table strictly and modify it according to your time. There are some things where you can focus on your time table. You have to set your priorities to study for long hours, also paying attention to your health and taking proper sleep and many other things.

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Make proper notes and Revise Daily

Preparing notes while learning is the best way to study where you can improvise your memory skills. If you want to crack NEET you have to write minor Point by point notes in your notebook and revise it. Try to make clear notes which are easily understandable so that you can take the help with the notes while revising. Making clear notes will help you to revise your concepts easily with less time. You have to make sure to revise daily even if you are aware of all the topics, subjects, chapters and concepts, no matter what you have to revise. The division is a very crucial part while preparing for your exam. There are also some online platforms available where you can get notes easily. Always pay more attention to the weak areas when you feel difficult.

Staying healthy

You have to maintain a healthy diet to stay healthy. You have to be strong mentally and physically while feeling the examination. Sometimes eating wrong food leads to an unhealthy body because you will have a lot of time and it will create disturbance while your preparation. Eating iron-containing food which contains vitamin B, will help to boost your brain and provide all the necessary nutrients to your body. And a healthy brain will help you to learn easily and effectively.

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Taking proper study break

As we all know that our body needs breaks to get rest so that we can work efficiently and effectively we need to maintain proper study breaks so that we can get the optimum level of concentration while studying it is said that the human mind stays concentrated for a particular time while studying for a long time you will give stress on your mind which will lead to less consideration towards your study taking proper place to help you to refresh your mind, whether you can have a chat with your friend, taking a small nap, eating something or walking for 10 to 15 minutes.

Practicing mock tests

The candidates appearing for the NEET exam have a limit of 180 minutes, where they have to finish 180 questions. Which means there is a maximum of 1 minute for questions, so time management is very important and a crucial factor which is required for the exam. You have to keep this in your mind and start regularly practicing test papers that will help you to manage time and get ideas.

By: Varsha Yadav

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