Career As A Neurologist- Types, Scope, Salary

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Neurology is the department of healthcare and medicine that offers the diagnosis and cure of the nervous system. It is the study of nerves and the medical specialty associated with the human nervous system. The specialist in this field is referred to as a Neurologist. Neurologists are medical physicians or osteopaths who deal with the nervous system, spinal cord, brain, nerves, muscles, and pain disorders. They are well-trained to investigate, diagnose and deal with neurological disorders. They operate various scientific trials and undertake many basic, advanced, and medical research.

Most neurologists work in hospitals and they normally work extra than forty hours a week. This profession has the potential for high income and provides one with great pride as they enhance people’s health and keep their lives. Usually, a neurologist may specialize in extra than one particular region such as headache medicine, neurocritical care, autonomic disorders, child neurology, neuro-oncology, and others.

To become a neurologist, candidates ought to have passed category 12th with PCB– Physics, Chemistry and Biology and to qualify for a medical examination aspirants want to have a legitimate score of NEET-UG examination. Once the candidates are done with their respective MBBS degree program, they are required to take up the master’s degree in Neurology too.

Aspiring neurologists start their postgraduate education with the 1-year internship program. This helps them achieve advanced experience with patients and in healthcare practices. Once they are achieved with their post-graduation, it is essential for them to pursue their 3-year neurology residency program. The residency program helps them gain experience concerning neurological disorders and issues.

Types of Job Roles Neurologist

After finishing the required formal education and residency program in the subject of neurology, there are quite a number of neurologist job profiles available. Some of the neurologist career options are listed below:


Neurologists are doctors who specialize in nervous system disorders. To emerge as a neurologist’s considerable scientific coaching is required. This is a top career choice for humans who have a passion for learning about and treating diseases that have an effect on the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nervous system.

What Can A Neurologist Do For Post Concussion Syndrome 2

Neuro Physicians

They are the clinical practitioners or physicians who treat neurological ailments via the use of medicine and non-surgical interventions. They specialize in the treatment of the illnesses associated with loss of memory, forgetfulness, and stroke and in the management of neuromuscular pain.


They are the medical doctors who deal with neurological illnesses through the use of both medical and surgical interventions. They deal with both acute and chronic problems.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities for neurologists are reachable both in India and abroad. These medical practitioners are one of the best possible paid in the medical occupation due to the complexity involved in their job. Some of the famous employment opportunities for neurologists are Government Hospitals, Brain Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Armed Forces Medical Services, etc.

The salary of neurologists varies as per their specialization and the kind of enterprise they work for. Some neurologists who do private exercise have a tendency to earn way greater than neurologists working in public/private hospitals. The common (median salary) of a renowned Neurologists is Rs 1,850, 209 annually. Whereas a neurosurgeon earns a common salary of Rs 2,757,165 annually. Professional years and specialists strongly influence earnings in the field of neurosurgery.

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In India, the scope of neurology is growing as the number of patients increasing. The demand for neurologists is turning large as the hospitals and health care centers are increasing. You can do a job abroad in a range of universities and research centers. You can also work in a range of government/private hospitals in India. There are a variety of job prospects in which aspirants can apply after his/her completion of the course.

Pros of Becoming a Neurologist

  • You can make a huge difference in the lifestyles of your patients and their families, consequently, the nature of the job is very satisfying.
  • The benefits of being a neurologist are that the work is difficult which keeps you doing something.
  • They are some of the most respected and intellectual doctors as they have to have in-depth knowledge about their patient’s diseases.
  • Also, the pay scale of neurologists is very high as it is a tough field and needs lots of experience.

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Cons of Becoming a Neurologist

  • There is a lot of training requirement required to become a neurologist and one has to invest greater than 10 years in the same earlier than becoming a neurologist.
  • Apart from the requirement of formal education, the fee of the medical college is very expensive.
  • The work is certainly stressful and there is a lot of pressure on you as the patient’s healing can be slow at times. Sometimes one is required to also work for 60 hours a week which is long.

By- Khushi Patel

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