10 Jobs for People Not Afraid of Heights

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Some people dream of creating adventure and thrill as a daily part of their life. Life asks for a lot more courage and bravery in such cases despite the adrenaline rush these occupations give. If you like to view the maps of the world from feet away or have the passion to reach heights quite literally, then here are the right jobs for you. From climbing them to flying over them, these jobs can provide with your version of engaging with heights. They have their separate requirements and parameters of adventure, thrill, and courage. You are free to choose according to your interests in the following if you are not afraid of heights, to fulfill your dream to reach heights.


The lives of pilots are filled with that of uncertainty every single day of their lives. Being it is a full-fledged job with various implications. You can be responsible for the transport of urgent goods, or the lives of people can be your hands quite literally. Your biggest test will always start after you take the job. You will have to depend on your courage as much as your skills. Your composure will guide the whole plane during emergencies and will serve as the guiding force for your passengers or fellows who accompany you. For becoming one, you need to have a hold in the subjects of Maths and Physics and to make sure that you’re not afraid of heights. Research a lot before you join a flight school. If you want to reach heights in a mapped setting, this is the job for you!

Skydiving Instructor

The whole world dreams of jumping off the airplane after the famous portrayal of the sport on various forms of media. But the question that we should be asking is who trains the people to do this? This job is rare, one that is in demand and also perfect for someone who wants thrill every day of their life. You would have to be careful when you look into it as a profession and look at the pros and cons of being a part of it. Make sure that you are not afraid of heights because you’re putting your life in great danger. The imagery which is portrayed with it is often deceiving.

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant job needs a lot of patience and a heart to serve people around. Even in the most turbulent times (quite literally), you have to have hope and impart it around and help passengers in all their needs. There are certain criteria specific to age and height which varies from airline to airline. You will also have to go through training and this can be hectic when it comes to constant traveling but you will get used to it if you like the work.


An added condition to the height in this option is the fire. So if you plan on choosing this, you have to be brave and courageous. You have to carry a passion for saving people and to fight for them in the worst situations. You have to also make sure that you take care of your health. You will have to be extremely prompt in different situations.

Wind Turbine Technician

This work requires you to deal with wind turbines and doing all sorts of work with them. This requires you to be a part of all the work from fixing them to inspecting and maintaining them. This would also require to climb the exterior of the towers and perform routine maintenance of the turbine.


A roofer as the name suggests is concerned with the construction of roofs. This job requires you to design the roofs, install tiles, clean them and also fight various weather conditions like winds and rain which is the worst enemy of anybody who works with roofs. The height of the building often plays an important role in this as roofers are tied to lines and cords and face the terror of heights daily.

Rock Climbing Instructor

If you have a deep interest in sports like mountaineering or trekking, this can be an interesting option for you. If you have an interest in climbing and training people in rock climbing, this can be a good option. Passion for the same would play an important role in this. You will have to initially do it in front of an artificial wall. So the monotony of the job should not get to you!

Rope Access Technician

The work here is concerned with repair and maintenance. You will be required to work on high altitudes with minimal safety of helmets making it a risky job. You will have to work on skyscrapers making it challenging and detrimental too if you are not comfortable with heights. It is as much an act of courage as any other job listed above. 

Lighting Technician

This deals with moderate heights. If you feel like climbing ladders is an easy job for you, in other words, if you’re not afraid of height then this is one of the few jobs that you can consider. This is not just concerned with lines but the lighting in hotels and events. With the amount of increase in requirement is the result of demand which has increased due to the number of events which take place on a daily.


This work is similar to that of the roofer and is concerned with the maintenance of huge structures. A lot of other skills like welding and rigging are also involved. If you the technical side to yourself, then you can go ahead with this option.

These are some jobs which are concerned with heights. The extent of their scope is not limited and depends on the knowledge, skill, certification and other things. If you wish to choose something from the list, try to find congruence amongst other activities and hobbies that you like or something that you would like to do. Hope this helps you find what you wish to do and explore your opportunities to reach heights.

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