7 New Age career options in Data science

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There is n number of career options we have these days. Technology these days is speeding increasingly. One has to catch the pace to stay updated with the technological advancements. There is so much happening in the world in context to technology, computer science, and data science. So, with the upgradations, there has been immense growth in the career options available for the technology-oriented minds. There are so many career options you can go for, as per your choices and interest. We have listed down seven new-age career options for you all in data science. So, keep on reading and go ahead with whatever suits you. Here are the seven new-age career options for you all in data science:

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a model that is IT-based that lets you access the shared configuration system resources and many other higher-level services that can put over the internet without putting much management and effort.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

You must have come across both of these words- artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let us tell you what these are exactly. Artificial intelligence involves a file of computer science that looks into the formation of smart systems, and smart machines, which work just like any human, would do the work. It has the ability to think, processing information just like us humans.

Data analyst or Data scientists

As we all know, data exists in all the forms, whichever digital platform you use these days, be it for social networking, for online purchase, for data, or anything. So there is a high demand for data analysts, data journalists who can manage such data and find some ways and patterns to make the most of it.

Ethical hacking

With the ever so increasing demand and usage of social media, everyone is out there on social media from the small school going kids, teenagers, our parents, grandparents, and who else is left. Everyone wants to be on their mobiles, laptops, and be there in the online world. What for? fun? No, there are many dark sides to it too. We were too innocent sometimes about the correct usage of these social media tend to get bullied, abused, and a lot more than that. Accounts are being hacked, the pictures of people, videos are being used for the wrong reasons. This all happens due to our irresponsible behavior and usage of social media. So there is a great need for data security. So there are ethical hackers for that who help you prevent your private data, documents. Companies need to keep their data in check. Ethical hackers are appointed to do the job. So, there is an excellent career in this.

Digital marketing

There are a lot of active users on the internet. Everything is done on the internet nowadays. You eat, drink, read, shop, wear from the internet this list is endless. Digital marketing is the best way to reach out to the audience, clients, and sell your product, offer in the most cost-effective way ever. The reach of digital marketing is so vast and immense.


Robots are going to be the new humans. The humans of the future. There are so many talks about it already. Robots are being used already to do the surgeries, to automate an industrial task, to explore what is there is space, and they are even used to defuse bombs, they can do every task that may prove to be dangerous for humans. The field of robotics is moving with great force. There is a great opportunity for engineers to program and build them. People who have done B.Tech in Electronics/Mechanical/Robotics engineering can go for that.

Android and IOS development

We have our phones all the time with us; we read, write, order, play, and do everything on our smartphones. These tasks are done with the help of applications that are designed and programmed by people who are experts in the field of coding and design. So, people with knowledge of languages like HTML5, .NET, JAVA, PHP, knowledge of android and IOS design guidelines, and principles are required. There is an excellent scope in that. So, with this new modern age and world, the trends are changing just like we all are. With each passing day, we have new advancements and transformations in front of us. So all these are paving the way for so many career paths in data science. So why not take advantage of the change in trends and get ourselves a new-age career option in data science.

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