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An Airman is deemed equal to an Army Soldier. As an airman, the Indian Air Force offers young men broad opportunities to enter either technological or non-technical businesses. Aspiring applicants may choose from any of the Trois classes of combatants (i.e., ‘X’,’ ‘Y’ or ‘Z’), according to their own interests and eligibility, technical and non-technical professions. As a technical airman, the work description includes aircraft repair and testing and other associated aircraft as well as servicing and updating of ground appliances and armament. The tasks of non-technical airmen include supporting the different roles, from weather prediction to records and files maintained by different IAF branches. Given that this task includes the safety and dignity of the country, the work of the staff must be hardworking, national loyal, and of high integrity.

Eligibility Criteria for becoming an Airman

Essential qualifications and age of becoming an airman in aviation vary from Metric to Graduate, as mathematics, science, and English are the key topics. It depends on the sort of entry that you are looking for (trade-wise).


For Combatant Group X - Technical Trade:

  • Dependent on trade between 16 and 22 years
  • Must be Indian
  • Only males are fit for Airman by Indian Air Force
  • Must be single
  • The test must be completed by 10+2 or the equivalent English, Math, and Physics, a minimum total of 50% scores

For Combatant Group 'X' - Non-Technical Trade - Technical Instructor:

  • Nationality must be Indian
  • Just for male candidates
  • Marital status should be single
  • The age limit must be between 20 years and 27 years
  • He or she must be passed with M.A. or M.Sc. with at least II class

For Combatant Group 'X' - Non-Technical Trade -Teacher:

  • Qualification: BA or BSc with one year’s teacher training at a well-known academic institution, BA/BSc with a Ph.D. or diploma, or BA/BSc with such a BA/BSc
  • Only male applicants can apply
  • He must be Indian
  • Age should be about 20 to 25 years

For Combatant Group 'Y' or Combatant Group 'Z' of the Technical or Non-Technical Trades:


  • Age must be 16 years to 20 years (Y-group) and 17 years to 35 years (Z-group)
  • Only male applicants can apply
  • Nationality must be Indian
  • He must be single


How you can become an Airman

First: The first step to becoming an Airman is to fill out all the essential and relevant criteria of a career/trade application, against any job openings declared in leading journals sometimes. Since you can only get an Admission Card with all necessary information such as the date, time, and location of your review following the checking of all eligibility wise application forms. The testing subjects are based on the trade you have requested.

Second: The subjects will be examined in writing, depending on the trade to which they are chosen.

  • Technical Flows
  • Four papers – English, Math, Science and Intelligence, and General Knowledge.
  • English, Intelligence, General Consciousness, and Non-Technical or MTD Streams.
  • The CBSE (X/ XII) curriculum is the basis for the test.
  • Teacher Education
  • The paper’s design is in line with the minimum basic training requirement. After the test, an interview follows.

Third: After the written evaluation has been clear, a medical assessment by a medical officer of the Armed Forces is required. Where one is declared to be either fit or unfit or is partially unsuitable for medical treatment.

Fourth: When the selection process is effectively clarified, the name of the applicant appears in the All India Merit List at the Airmen Selection Centers where the tests have been carried out. An appeal letter will be sent asking you to report for registration at the Airmen Selection Centre. Here, the applicant will take a trade aptitude test to decide the right profession for him, apart from the registration formalities. The candidates are allocated to one stream of technological or non-technical trade according to the rating and the place in the merit list. After completing his entry formalities, the applicant is sent for 26 weeks for basic combat-ready training to the Administrative Trainee. The applicant would then be transmitted to one of the specialized trade training institutes allocated to him.

Airman's Salary

In Group X and Y when IAF selects the airmen, they undergo training. The airmen in both groups receive a grant of Rs. 14,600 during the training. Once the training is complete, Group X airmen are awarded Rs.33,100 per month. The allocation is granted accordingly. Group Y Airmen receive a monthly Rs 26,900. The Wish permit is issued as necessary. In the following years, salaries increase. The Wishing benefit is calculated on the cumulative amount of the pay belt + pay grade + PSM. Every month all Airmen are paid by Military Service Pay (MSP).

army man

Career Prospects in Airman

An airman will obtain the below-mentioned rankings in the air force with space and experience during his period:

Before retiring, worthy applicants can also be advanced to the honorary grade of Flying Officer.

By: Poorva Meshram

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