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Biotechnology is a very distinct academic discipline. However, it had its origin recently but it is one of the oldest technologies known to mankind. Modern biotechnology has been divided into various disciplines, including biology, physics, chemistry, economics, etc. Biotechnology provides a great scope for career opportunities. It is the field of innovations as well as opportunities. In today’s modern world, there have been new discoveries and inventions on the edge therefore biotechnology plays a major role. Biotechnologists work within several different industries and areas including health care, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, etc. 

This article provides a list of various career options that one can opt for in the field of biotechnology.

Safety Specialist

A Safety Specialist analyses the work environments and work procedures. They manage and monitor various safety programs along with the inspection of workplaces so that all the safety standards are maintained. They evaluate the procedure and processes in an organization to identify unsafe conditions and help them by safeguarding procedures.

  • Minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in any related technical or scientific field including biotechnology.
  • The average salary is about 13 lakhs PA.

Research Scientist

A research scientist is an appealing job option for the students of biotechnology. A research scientist basically manipulates the molecular qualities of both plants and animals for human use. They work in laboratories and do various experiments. 

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology or any related field.
  • Some skills including problem-solving, analysis, teamwork skills, etc.
  • The salary is between 75k-150k.

Production Incharge (in chemical, food, and pharma industries)

A Production in charge in any field basically deals with the planning and organization. They look out at all the production processes, determine the quality control standards, order the required resources, draw a production schedule as well as ensure the health and safety regulations.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree.
  • Some relevant skills including interpersonal skills, communication skills, etc.
  • The average salary is about 7 lakhs.


Bioinformatics is an area of biotechnology with great diversity. Bioinformatics offers a lot of jobs including biomedical, forensic investigations, molecular medicine, homeland security, environmental restoration, and energy development.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in bioinformatics.
  • Some skills include bioinformatics skills, programming skills, statistical skills, etc.
  • The average salary is about 2.5 lakhs.

Quality Control Officer

Quality control officers basically are responsible for maintaining the quality as the name suggests. They deal with the inspection of various works and set the quality standards for a company. They ensure that the products meet a specific set of standards.

  • One should have a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Some skills including mathematical and analytical skills, quality control standards, knowledge of data analysis, etc.
  • The average salary is 16,000 per month.


Biotechnologists basically deal with studying the physical and genetic characteristics of organisms. They perform designing of research studies, working with lab technicians, setting the laboratory equipment and monitoring experiments.

  • The minimum eligibility is or in biotechnology. 
  • The average salary includes 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs PA.

Science Writer

Science writer can also be a good job option if one is looking for a good career option. Their work includes researching, writing, and editing scientific news and writing fascinating public articles. They basically write about scientific achievements.

  • The minimum eligibility is a graduation degree in any of the science subjects.
  • The average salary is about 2 lakhs to 9 lakhs.

Medical Representative

Medical representatives basically make health professionals prescribe the medicines of a particular company. They promote the medicines to various doctors, pharmacists and chemists. They identify prospective business opportunities for the company.

  • The minimum degree is a bachelor’s degree in relevant fields (Pharma, nursing, etc.)
  • The average salary is about 4.8 lakhs per annum.


A very good job option for a person who has graduated in biotechnology is the profession of a teacher. It helps to develop one’s own personality along with knowledge.

  • One needs a bachelor’s or master’s degree in biotechnology.
  • One needs to clear the UGC NET exam along with a Ph.D.
  • The average salary is about 3 lakhs to 8 lakhs PA.

Bio Technicians

Bio Technicians deal with the setting up and maintaining of laboratory instruments and equipment. They prepare biological samples for laboratory analysis. They are also called laboratory assistants and are responsible for conducting scientific tests and experiments.

  • The minimum eligibility is a degree in biotechnology.
  • The average salary is about 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs per year.

Biotechnology has already opened many job opportunities for the young and aspiring minds in the modern times. Hope this article provided you a lot of information regarding the various career options in the field of biotechnology.

By – Anshima Shrivastava 

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