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In today’s modern world, Computerization has been the order of the day in every field. Computers find their way in every aspect of human life. No one would have thought that computers would play such a decisive role in technology. Right from our professional lives to our entertainment modes, computers have invaded every sphere of our life. The government is even very keen on spreading computer education. The students are introduced to the computers from their middle classes only. Thus computers in education have a promising future.

Computer Science is in great demand these days. This article covers the various in-demand career options in Computer Science.

Software Architect

A Software Architect is a person who assembles and supervises the project as well as the team performing it. He/She is also responsible for creating software design models as well as choosing the tools, coding standards, and platforms.

  • One should have a degree in Computer Science.
  • Should gain some experience as a computer developer.
  • The average salary is about 21 lakhs in India.

Data Scientist

The main work of a data scientist includes cleaning and collecting complex digital data. They look after the statistics usage of the website to interpret it very well. They are responsible for solving complex problems.

  • One should have a degree in IT or computer science.
  • Some specific skills such as programming languages, statistical analysis, data cleaning research, etc.
  • The average data scientist salary is around 69 lakhs.
computer science

Software Engineer 

Software Engineer is a dream job for many youngsters. They are basically responsible for developing and maintaining system applications and the system itself. They analyze the areas that need modifications along with the evaluation of the software.

  • One should have a degree in software engineering or diploma courses in the same.
  • Basic skills required include technical competency, communication skills, knowledge of computer systems, etc.
  • The average salary is about 38 lakhs.

Mobile App Developer 

Mobile app developers are also good job options. They are a kind of software developer. They have a good knowledge of Android or IOS and the various other programming languages which they need to use in order to develop a mobile application.

  • One should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.
  • The salary is about 44 lakhs in India.
computer science

Database Administrator 

Database Administrators also find a good place in the job section nowadays. They basically maintain the company’s database. They make sure that the users get the data. They are also responsible to organize financial information and customer shipping records.

  • One should basically need a degree in computer science.
  • Some skills include problem-solving skills, good professional skills, communication skills, etc.

Multimedia Programmer

One can also look for a job as a Multimedia Programmer. They design and create multimedia computer products. They basically form, manage and direct the project times. They have the knowledge to choose the right programming languages.

  • One should have a degree in computer science or computer programming.
  • Should have relevant skills such as IT skills.

Technical Writer

A technical writer basically creates technical documents. They transfer information from one party to the other party. Technical writers use a variety of delivery media to research and create information. They transform complex writing material into clear and concise documents.

  • One should have a bachelor’s degree in English or other communications-related subjects.
  • Basic skills like writing, research and exploration skills, etc.
  • The average salary is about 5 lakhs.
computer science

Full Stack Web Developer 

A Full Stack Web Developer is basically a kind of engineer who deals with the work of servers, databases, etc. They can develop both software: client and server.

They are experts in both the front end and the back end.

  • One should have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.
  • Some specific skills including development languages, version control system (VCS), basic design ability, etc.
  • The average salary is about 3 lakhs to 14 lakhs.

A lot of job opportunities make a way in the field of computer science. Others include:- System Analyst, Games Developer, IT project manager, Site reliability engineer, IT Security Consultant. Computer Science has a salary advantage over IT.

Moreover, expertise in computers helps one to solve many complex problems. Nowadays computers are involved in everything that we do. A degree in computer science would help one to yield many job opportunities Computer Science salaries have a higher payable amount than the Programming sectors. It gives one a possibility to change the world. There are no limits to creativity in this sector.

Hope this article cleared the various puzzlement and doubts regarding a career in computer science as well as the various job opportunities in this field. Do not wait for an opportunity instead create one. Go and shine.

All the best !!


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So this is the end of the post IN DEMAND COMPUTER SCIENCE CAREER OPTIONS. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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