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India is a country full of cultures, traditions, happiness, languages etc. As the years are progressing, population trends are changing day by day. In such a populous country, there is a kind of race to get a job and employment. Students go for various streams including science, mathematics, commerce, humanities and social sciences, management, designing, biotechnology etc. However, there are some other career options as well which one might not even heard of but still the youngsters opt for them. These careers also provide great scope in the job opportunities for the youngsters.

This article will provide you a list of some unique career options in various fields.

Chief Listening Officer

The sole job of a Chief Listening Officer is to listen. They look at both the internal and the external communications. CLO’s  closely monitor whatever is going on in social media to know about the feedback of their company or product. They work like an air traffic controller.

The minimum eligibility is a master’s degree in business administration, communications etc..

  • Some skills including active listening skills, strong analytical skills, persuasive abilities etc.
  • The average salary is around 2 lakhs.


An Oceanographer basically studies the ocean. They collect and analyze data from the oceans, interactions of the marine environment, understand and predict how the oceans work. They understand the way weather and climate impacts marine life. Oceanographers study the motion and circulation of the ocean, climate, the physical and chemical properties affecting the ocean.

  • The minimum eligibility is a degree in any relevant subject such as oceanography, marine sciences, biology, ecology etc.
  • Some skills including patience, determination, creativity, decisiveness etc.
  • The average salary is around 30 thousand per month.

Food Stylist

Food Stylists make the dish or food product look more appealing to the customers. They are specialized in arranging the food in such a way that the customer gets mesmerized just by its look. Their job is to create such irresistible images of the food on the page that it makes one eat the entire page.

  • There are no set minimum requirements.
  • One can go for Post Graduate Courses for Food Stylists.
  • The salary is about 40 thousand per month.

Ethical Hackers

Ethical Hackers are the one who use hacking techniques to improve safety and security of the websites. Ethical hackers do not harm the system but they do the hacking intentionally to carve out the vulnerabilities. It helps the business owners to fix the security holes.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in IT.
  • Some skills including computer skills, Linux skills, programming skills, cryptography skills etc.
  • The average salary is 3 lakh to 15 lakh per year.

Computational Linguistic

As the name suggests, the Computational Linguists help the computer and the human talk with each other. They explore how the human language can be automatically processed and interpreted. It is the study of computational processing and analysis.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in the related field with 3 years of experience.
  • Some skills including python, NLP and text.
  • The national average salary is around 4 lakhs.

Parabolic Expert

Parabolic Expert basically trains and assists people in aircraft flights. They train people how to function in zero gravity. Parabolic Experts basically work as flight attendants who assist people in zero gravity.

  • The minimum eligibility is a bachelor’s degree in technology along with the various training.
  • The average salary is around 6 lakhs.

Global Mobility Consultant

Global Mobility Consultant basically manages the day to day administration of global mobility. They do partnership with the internal and the external stakeholders. They advise the corporate clients on international assignment matters.

  • The minimum eligibility is degree level education.
  • Some skills including IT skills, selling skills, strong analytical skills.
  • The average salary is around 10 lakhs.


The role of a Futurist is basically to provide a broad approach regarding the future. They analyze cultural shifts and collect the needs of lead customers. They try to plan for potential scenarios that could occur in the future. They study and predict the future especially based on the current trend.

  • The minimum eligibility is graduation.
  • Some skills including futurist thinking, emotional intelligence, leadership etc.
  • The average salary is around 7.5 lakhs.

Other interesting career options in India include event planner, staff photographer, Horticulturist, Sound technicians, audio engineers, Stock market professionals, travel consultant, Chef, Environmentalist, Ayurveda healer, color expert, Pet psychic, Digital marketer, Flavorist, Clinical ethicist, Bingo manager, Hippotherapist, Color expert, caterer, Mountaineer, Information  Security Analyst, DTP operators, music mixers, sound engineering etc.

This article will help you to look out at some other fields of career other than basic fields of science, humanities and commerce. Hope this article provided you a lot of information regarding some unique career options. Dream big and Work hard.

All the best !!!

By – Anshima Shrivastava 

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