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“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what way you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” – William Pollard.

AIC-NMIMS is the trademark of Atal Incubation Centre. Recently, they have initiated a dedicated program – the NMIMS LAUNCHPAD Program 2021 for the students who have a start-up idea. It essentially aims to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation agilities among the students to construct a decent future. The best fact about this program is that it is India’s first program delineated for the students of age group- 16-21 years. This program will boost the students to develop their start ideas into reality.

NMIMS LAUNCHPAD program 2021 will focus mainly on:-

  • Prototype
  • Financial model
  • Marketing
  • Business Model
  • Product design
  • Patent
  • Pitching
NMIMS Launchpad Program 2021

Eligibility Criteria

Students between the age group of 16-21 years can enroll for this program. The selection process will be solely depending upon your interview results. They will send you an invitation for the interview round, and if you get chosen, you will get notified via mail. You can secure your admission here only after your confirmation.

Aspects of this program

IntroductionLaunchpad 2021 will begin with an introductory call. It will introduce AIC through orientation and will set your expectations. Students are showing keen attraction to this program as this will help you turn your dream into a reality.

Online Engagement – Data Analytics: Here, they will set expectations for the week and then collect on-ground insights. AICs will guide the teams and help them to collect data and insights from the target audience. They will then work on the refining problem statement and prototype along with discussing the insights.

Social Media

Online EngagementDiscussion: In this program, students will be engaged in one-to-one communication and present their innovations and start-up ideas. They will also have to discuss their journey. Here, they will be able to set achievable targets through thorough discussion. Students will undergo gap analysis and revisit the design thinking process. This process will help them to refine the problem statement.

Online Mentoring Sessions and dedicated sessions from an industry expert on prototype: You will get a clear idea about the elements of IP and protect your aims with the help of IP rights. There will be discussions regarding the understanding of IP and its relevance to innovation. It will involve the procurement of resources. It is the process of finding and agreeing to terms and then acquiring goods and services. It includes prototyping and fabrication of proof of concept. This program includes- IPR, Prototyping, financials, target market, understanding, business plan, product strategy and branding.

nmims launchpad program

And a lot more…

Testing and RefinementNMIMS Launchpad Program 2021 involves testing the prototype in the community and refining it as per feedback.
An online mentoring session for a business model: It includes business plan creation and the way of pitching it. Students can create their plan and present.
Preparing for the finals: It starts with prototype refinement and content creation like video, business pitch and presentation.
Settlement: This one is the settlement of the prototype, business pitch and presentation.

It is all about the program structure of NMIMS LAUNCHPAD Program 2021. Candidates who are interested in applying can go to aic.nimims.edu. They will run this program in two batches simultaneously. The chief aim of this program is to catalyse the entrepreneurial ideas put forward by the students. The mentors of the AIC-NMIMS will help the students and train them to put forward learning into action. This program- LAUNCHPAD 2021 will involve online sessions by various mentors and other industry experts who can guide the students in creating a roadmap for their entrepreneurial ideas. They will also provide testing and refinement of their ideas. The course fee of this program is Rs. 20,000 respectively.

How to apply?

  • Visit the website of AIC NMIMS and click on the -Launchpad program in the menu bar.
  • After visiting the Launchpad page, you can click on the “APPLY NOW” button below the batch details and choose your preferred program.
  • Start entering all the required details in the application form.
  • After entering all the details, click on the” submit” button at the end of the page.
  • Then pay the registration fees.
  • So, this is how you can apply for the LAUNCHPAD PROGRAM initiated by AIC-NMIMS.
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