7 Career options in Mass Communication

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We have talked about Journalism and how it has been growing in the past few years. Most often when we talk about mass communication we always merge it with journalism. In these years, the demand for mass communication is increasing day by day and people are getting aware that there are many career options in this field other than Journalism. In this article, we will talk about different options in this field and also how they are different from each other. There are many degrees and courses available for Mass Communication in different colleges and universities. Like, you can go ahead and earn a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication and also post-graduation from the certified colleges and universities. Not only this there are also certificate and diploma courses available for Mass Communication for the best career.

The career options in Mass communication are bright with good career opportunities in mass communication. Candidates can go ahead and opt to work for news channels, newspapers, publishing houses, television, radio, internet, etc and also earn a good salary. There are different roles with different names. So let’s go ahead and check all the career options available in Mass Communication.


Film Director

Film Director

As a director, you can gain and contribute to several elements of production and will be responsible to develop them into films. There are many skills you require to become a Film director. Like, you should have a creative mind and vision where you can exhibit your ideas and bring something extraordinary from every ordinary thing. As a Film Director, there will be many responsibilities. You have to read several scripts and pick up the best one, you also need to select the locations for that and organize the sets where you will further shoot them, direct actors during shoots and supervise all the creative aspects with maintaining all the technical skills.

To become the best director you need to have the awareness and knowledge about the skills and gain proper command of them. You also need to have motivational and leadership skills with excellent time management skills. Good communication is also a requirement.

Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photographer (1)

Nowadays it is not easy to enter in this field because the scope and demand is increasing day by day as there is a high desirability and perks associated with this career. The main reason is that fashion photographers have a different style of fashion which is the reason they are now set apart. Well, they not only take the pictures for different brands but also make sure that the pictures depict the same story the client wants. These pictures are eye-catching and are published in magazines, posters, books, reports, newspapers, and many other varieties of communication zones.

Also, they can further have exciting opportunities which can take them around the world for the work and photoshoots. The candidates first start from the position of assistant photographers so that they can gain knowledge, skills and experience and once they are set they can further go ahead and approach for bigger projects and also gain fame through it.


Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey

Radio Jockey, popularly known as the Radio Jockey is the person who hosts a talk show on the radio so you can listen to them while you are at home or travelling in a car too. The main aspect of the Radio Jockey is to entertain the audience and viewers and engage them through their voice and selection of songs. No wonder, this is an exciting career opportunity.

However, there are certain job requirements for this career. Like, you need to have a good personality, excellent communication skills with a good voice as the basic requirement, you need to have a pleasant and friendly personality.

Before you indulge into this option, you can listen to other RJ’s on radio and gain knowledge and skills on how they are gain certain style and develop it. There are many popular Radio Agencies and FM station all around the country and also a great scope to develop your life professionally and personally.




Screenwriters are a really important working part of the entertainment industry as they write dialogues, characters, a storyline that makes the movie script, talk show, television show or screenplay. This is a really important and exciting job role.

Also, they come up with their original ideas which they have experienced or maybe the actual events which may have happened.  There are many skills which are required to become a good screenwriter like, you should have good writing skills, after all, that’s what the audience catch. A good write up will gain audience and viewers attention and that’s when your work will be appreciated.

Another, you should also have good observational skills where you can design the characters, plot lines based on the imagination or real events and places.

You should also be creative to bring new ideas and envision. Another, you should have good communication and interpersonal skills because you will be working with a lot of people and team member where you will be required to make a certain adjustment.

Art Director

Art Director (1)

Art Director create campaigns, web designs, advertisements and animations. Further, they also select the designs, photos which are required and manage their art designer’s team. They also deal with the budget for the project. This is a highly paid profession and have most of the attractive things to do.

There are many skills which are required here like the art directors need to be creative as the name suggest itself, they need to plan and execute new things every day and make things look creative and attractive. They maintain a fun atmosphere and enjoy working. Candidates need to have artistic ambitions as the scope of the industry is expanding day by day and every project is unique and rewarding. The person should also have the technical knowledge and possess leadership skills to head the art team or the design team.



Mostly, this is not the first job opportunity but once the people have gained experience and satisfied with the job profile they further lead their lives being a producer as this tends to do the business on the financial area while making the movie, television show or a stage production. They are also responsible for the budget, timeline, quality and the finished project. They overlook and manage all the zones while producing something creative. They coordinate the staff which includes the director, writers, actors and the management staff and approve several production changes.

So basically they are looking every field. So while some people can start their career as a producer where they can invest and gain the profit, there are also times when people first work in the entertainment industry as actors, writers, assistants on low profile and once their work is way up they gain experience they further put efforts in production.

Video Jockey

Video Jockey (3)


For many people, the term video jockey may bring the memories for the ’90s when MTV and VH1 were the best video shows. With the great demand of the music channels, the Video jockeying is becoming a really good career for the candidates. They host the shows which can be a chat or a talk show, or the music-related shows. They may also write the script for the shows sometimes.

Do you remember MTV’s Cyrus Broacha, Nikhil Chinappa? This profession not only brought the great source of entertainment but also a new breed of stars which are called as VJ. There are many skills you may require to become a VJ like as you need to talk a lot the person should have great communication skills with a voice which is clear and pleasant and even strong.

The person should be capable to take decision instantly and have an answer to the question asked, the person should be energetic and entertaining who can work and also travel extensively.

So these are some of the job roles which are entitled after you complete your Mass Communication course and journalism course. There are many options, you can choose the one which interests you and work on it to gain the experience and skills. Each profession has a unique thing about it and the person can make it as their passion. So when you talk about journalism or doing mass communication, you can refer to different options for jobs with exciting roles. They have great career opportunities with the scope to grow and earn.

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