Are you a commerce student? You have heard enough questions from everywhere asking “you have any plans to do business” then the repeatedly asked question “students who got less mark select commerce”. All these are the misconceptions haunting around a commerce student. A few years back, a plethora of options are available for science stream students while commerce students had limited career options. But now the scenario has changed, more students are proactively choosing commerce field without having hesitation of academic standing. Over the past decade, the commerce sector has witnessed drastic changes, putting forward new policies in the economic and business sector that has opened job opportunities in accounting, banking, auditing, and finance sectors. If you have better analytical and logical skills, the sky is the limit. Many Indian services like IRS, IAS, and IFS are recruiting commerce students with a good pay scale even for entry-level positions. Career counselling would be an eye-opener for selecting a successful career path for the commerce students. Here you are going to explore in what ways a career counsellor can help you in making the right decision and why commerce students need career counselling.

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Commerce career selector test

This test is exclusively for commerce students offered by career counsellors/ guidance cells. This includes the psychometric test which is a one-stop solution for the entire question regarding your career. This will provide a detailed report of all career opportunities available in the commerce-related fields. These tests are scientifically designed in a customized manner. This will ensure that they have used reliable resources to identify each person’s personality. The test results are displayed in graphical forms makes it easy to understand.

Higher education

You can pursue higher education either in financial or non-financial sectors. Primarily, you can start your search through the economic sector which deals with production, transfer of goods and services, and resources. If you have to get a job in this field, you have to take a degree in B.A/B.Sc Economics, Bachelor of Business economics or Masters in Economics. This is an example showing the direction and plan to a perfect career path. Even though you have limited knowledge about branches of commerce, taking a commerce career selector test makes you go through all possible fields of commerce. These tests are not used to evaluate your subject knowledge but to draw a graph of your skills in respective commerce fields. This opens a perfect educational path.

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Career opportunities

The career opportunities are immense for commerce students. Lack of knowledge is the only thing dragging them from exploring a career path. Career counsellors can give you the resources for researching about various career options. They help you identify the right tools and parameters in deciding a profession leaving less stress to the students as well as the parents. When you gain confidence in yourself, dreams come true. The counsellors try to make your path clear by discarding all your confusion. This is how a career counsellor helps you to make plans in different fields namely:-

  • Actuarial Science
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Company Secretary
  • Finance
  • Bank P O
  • Cost And Management Accounting
  • Stock Broking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Statistics


This an area where most of the students step-away due to the delusion that people from a business family can only start a business. This is not the exact picture as the government has put forward policies that extremely welcome young professionals to start their own business. Before stepping into a great venture you have to know “what is entrepreneurship?”. It is the process of designing concepts, building strategy and plans. It is a vast area that requires knowledge in areas like designing, sales, and services. However, this seems to be more challenging and risky than any other career option but still with thorough planning, knowledge, and perseverance could lead you to success. If you have any plans of doing business, a career counsellor can help you out with lots of things like start-up plans, monetary subsidies, and business consultancies.

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Exploring your interest

Your interest areas may drown in your perplexed emotions. A career counsellor can help you out. They can explore your interest areas to match it with suitable career options that will finally lead to satisfying jobs with monetary benefits. They are not simply matching the skills but they are experienced professionals who can assist you in researching jobs and rendering useful resources for becoming a better version of yourself in all aspects. Also, they can provide great mental support. In times of solving dilemmas, you may be going through tremendous stress and frustration. Sessions with a counsellor could help you to boost your emotional strength and gives a career counselling to students while pursuing commerce.

Types of entrance exams

Branches available for higher education in commerce fields are immense. Since more students are choosing commerce as their 12th stream, it raises high competition in this field. Most of the colleges and universities are following competitive entrance exams for admission procedure. It is not hard as you think, hard-work and an efficient study plan help you to crack these exams. Before making the plan, you should have detailed knowledge about the following topics:-

  • Different types of exams
  • Exam pattern
  • Courses offered
  • Qualifying exams of different institutions

commerce students need career counselling

    Selection of college

While selecting a college a lot of questions began to pop-up in your mind which includes financial constraints, arts, and sports involvement, placement opportunities. This list may extend varying from person-to-person. Through a career counselling session with the best career counsellor, you may be able to pick a college of your choice. They will help you to identify practical ways of selecting a college/university. Some of the tips are to go through college websites and testimonials. While checking the website, make sure that you are satisfied with the faculties, college events, student life, and career services. Career counsellors can arrange the list of colleges/universities according to different parametric scales.

So this is the end of the post 7 Reasons Why Commerce Students Need Career Counseling. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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