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This is one of the most difficult questions nowadays what do you want to be? Some of us who got the proper guidance they were much more clear about what they want. Some of us also choose a career which accidental or suggested by someone else. In older times it was very easy to choose but not now. Nowadays everything that helps you to earn good money and gives job satisfaction can pursue as a career. If you like to motivate people by your thought or by your experience you can be a motivational speaker. If you like youtube and continue to watch or make videos for youtube you can be a YouTuber. The best thing about these jobs is you have no time restrictions and you can work according to your convenience. It’s only up to the candidate what field of interest he wants to choose. All that I mentioned above is correct but how to choose a career option or what are the signs to choose your dream career. Here are 7 signs Journalism could be the perfect career for you.

Participate in debates

If you are a candidate who likes to take participate in a public speaking competition where you can easily handle lots of audiences. In our school or college days, many of us have various fields of interest in sports, drama, and music and some people have an inclination towards literature, in presentations, group discussions, and debates if you fall in the second category then you should pursue a career as a journalist.

Read about current affairs

Apart from your regular studies and subjects do you like to read current affairs, international affairs, and geopolitics? A candidate which has a different point of view on a particular problem, Who has a unique approach in difficult situations. One who is not a bias thinker about and situations or topics. A candidate who never take favors. Who checks the fact before speak or present any ideas. A person who doesn’t have a personal agenda or person doesn’t conflict with other’s agenda can pursue a career in journalism.

journalism could be perfect career

Work for the betterment of society

Many of us have a busy schedule and we all have a certain set of problems to deal with. But there are few people who can also deal with their personal problems and still want to contribute to society and do more for the betterment of society. A candidate who regularly connected with an NGO or helps weaker sections of society with all his efficiency and moral such kind of person can prove that journalism could be a perfect career.

Possess a brave personality

If someone thinks that journalism could be a perfect career he has to be very dynamic and brave so that he can handle any kind of audience or people or group of personality. It has to be very brave and cleaver because reporting is a field job where one has to go to the field or to the spot of incidence to give real reporting.

Have a certain set of skills

Apart from this, a candidate must have the skill to deal with controversial situations. It must be multilingual and have current affairs knowledge. It should know how to manage time.

Work under pressure

Many times a journalist has to handle crowed or unguided people who can any minute turn to the mob. So a person who can work properly in the crowd under pressure and can balance their emotion in difficult situations can able to pursue their career in journalism. In nowadays media have a very crucial role to build a society. There are two kinds of media one is profit-driven and the other is truth driven. A candidate who is responsible for his duty and trust and truth worthy can be a better journalist.

Have unique ideas and follow any line

A candidate who is not convinced by other predecided ideas or a person with own unique ideas who don’t like to follow others line. A person who always ready to be a damaged controller and can improve bad situations. Also, a candidate who is ready to live and work an extra-ordinary life with every single second as a thriller movie so without any second thought should pursue a career in journalism.

So these are the must-have signs if a candidate wants to pursue a career in journalism he should check all these qualities.


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So this is the end of the post 7 Signs Journalism Could Be the Perfect Career for You. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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