8 career pathways for general science students

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General Science refers to the core subjects of science which basically includes, Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology. Students who have done their Graduation or Post Graduation with General Science as their major, have an enormous number of options to build their career in. General Science is a degree that thoroughly prepares a student to be ready for the industry and help the student develop a huge range of Skill Sets. Here are 8 career pathways for general science students:

Skill Sets commonly developed from a General Science degree

With acquiring the above-mentioned skill sets, a General Science student gives himself/herself a very wide horizon from to choose a career.

8 career pathways that General Science students should consider

1. Agriculture

Agriculture plays a very vital role in the Indian Economy. As it’s a field that will never witness a recession unlike fields like Information Technology, it has a huge demand across the world. Agriculture majorly revolves around food crops and planting methods, and hence General Science students have an edge over others due to their vast curriculum in Chemistry covering all the basic knowledge required for applying in this industry.

2. Chemical Industry

General Science students having a good grip over Chemistry, can excel in this industry, as their entire work profile revolves around applying their knowledge that they have acquired over the period of years while pursuing their degree in General Science. Chemical Industry involves giant brands like WIPRO, Hindustan Lever, P&G, etc. Students looking to build their careers in this field also have an opportunity to go to the Research and Development sector. General Science students who are also inclined towards entrepreneurship can also consider setting up their own lab depending on their own likes and dislikes.

3. Aerospace

With Nations competing against each other over who excels in the field of Aerospace, General Science students have a massive amount of opportunity in this field. Students who have liked Physics and Mathematics along with their application and hold a good grip over them, are likely to be the best match for this sector. Aerospace is a field that involves a lot of Research and Development, and the students who are inclined towards R&D can also consider this as a great career option.

4. Diagnostics

Observing an increase in the number of diseases due to sedentary lifestyle and youth indulging in obesity, a diagnostic is a field that gives a General Science student a huge number of employment opportunities as well as a possibility to make a lot of money, as the footfall into this industry is going to see an increase in the coming years. Students interested in entrepreneurship also have an option to set up their own diagnostic centers, and also have a sense of contribution towards society. General Science students who have a grip over all the three subjects Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics can consider this as an apt field to build a career in.

5. Environmental Consultancy

Due to the increase in the number of chemical industries releasing their waste untreated into the water bodies, as well as due to the increase in the air pollutants due to a huge number of vehicles being driven, and the day by day deteriorating Air Quality Index(AQI) all over the world, conserving the environment is something that we all are worried about. Due to so many nations taking initiatives to save the deteriorating environment, General Science students who have a great command over Biology as well as Chemistry, and have an interest in serving society can consider this as a great option to build their careers.

6. Pharmaceutical

This field is one of the most thriving sectors in terms of revenue generated from the past several decades across the globe. General Science student, who has to like towards research and development (R&D) along with a grip over Biology and Chemistry should consider this field as a good option as it offers a massive amount of exposure to fresh graduates. Just like the medical field, this field won’t ever face a recession as due to the sedentary lifestyle people are going to need a solution to deal with their health problems.

7. Food Processing

For the last two decades, the youth, as well as the working professionals, are opting for processed food in one way or the other. Food Processing involves the food going through various processes which involve changing the texture as well as the chemical properties of the processed food. Here is where the knowledge of the General Science students who have a fair grip on Chemistry comes into play, as all the processed food needs to go through a lot of quality checks, and it becomes difficult for the companies to generate revenues if the processed food fails to pass the quality checks.

Hence, these food processing companies give a lot of importance to the employees who look after the entire process, and who have a good hold on chemistry. General Science students can consider this as an option to build their careers, as this industry is going to keep on expanding at a massive rate in the coming years.

8. Ophthalmic

Today, right from the toddlers to the senior citizens, each of us is glued to the screens that emit blue light. This blue light plays a vital role in making our eye muscles weak, and thus leading to poor eyesight, at an early age. General Science students are offered a subject in Physics that covers all the information related to light and the way it travels, along with a subject in Biology which covers how our eye muscles react to different wavelengths of lights.


Students who have an interest in optics, along with an inclination towards medical science can consider this field as a career option as this field gives a massive opportunity to the graduates, and we are going to witness an increase in eyesight problems, as the devices we use today have become a necessity to each and every one.

ByVishwesh Ravishankar

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