2020 is open with a race of 5G internet connectivity. The trials already have begun in some parts of the world, India is getting prepare for the same.   This is the indication that businesses will work on more fast technologies, That they will need a great number of talents to work with various innovative features. For the job market sometime we say that innovation in technology has stolen jobs but in a positive note, it has created many new jobs and many new career opportunities. Through this blog post, we are going to discuss 8 most buzz making terms of career options which going to dominate in 2020 and upcoming years. Through this blog post, we are going to discuss 8 most buzz making terms of career options which going to dominate in 2020 and upcoming years.

1. Artificial Intelligent

Business is adopting automation technology, mostly in its marketing segments. Automation technology mostly depends on artificial intelligence where machines and smart devices take decisions with own intelligence.   The demand for AI specialist is very high in the job market. This is the second most listed job on the LinkedIn job list. In India, the demand is ever-increasing AI is the combination of various other skills like machine learning, Python and the Internet of Things.  

New Career options for 2020

2. Data Analyst

The biggest problem the Indian government is facing is the problem of collecting and analyzing data from various fields. Private institutions and business unite require a data scientist to analyze data to use it for cross-marketing. Data is the main fuel for the Present Online marketing strategy for business. The database management system is a very interesting thing to learn which doesn’t require much of technical knowledge anyone can start by online short term courses.  

3. Cyber Security

There is a huge demand for this job not only in the privet sector but government organizations also require good talent in cybersecurity.   Emerging of cashless transactions creates doubts on the minds of users which restricts them to use online payment modes. A good online security feature could feel secure. Personal data or business data is a case sensitive that organizations pay a high salary to cybersecurity experts. This is mostly a passionate thing to do than to learn. Various organizations conduct bug bounty program to identify such talent.  

Cyber security

4. Digital Marketing  

Digital marketing is the key role for any business, as it involves in sales and marketing process. DM is replacing the traditional sales and marketing jobs. Digital marketing is a combination of various online jobs like social media marketing, email marketing, content writing and marketing, SEO, etc. If you have a good hand in digital marketing then you could have a well-paid freelancing job.  

5. Internet of Things

A business unite uses multiple smart devices to run the daily business process, these things or smart devices make a network which we call a network of things of the internet of things. These things or the smart devices connect through the unique identities under a business unit. AI and Automation experts use these devices to perform their task so the management of the Internet of things becomes important. Internet of things is directly influenced the AI and Data processing work.

New Career options for 2020

6. E-commerce Retail management

E-commerce and online shopping are no more restrict only to big ventures, several new startups are there to give good competition. The main challenge for an E-commerce company is to reach every part of the nation and this requires a good chain of the employee. Internet technology has created new job roles in the industry like data analysts, retail data processors, supply chain analysts, logistics managers, digital and social media marketing, etc.

7. Website and App developer

Programmers and developers will be on-demand like the previous couple of years. App and Website developers are the main drivers of new ideas. startups, individual even business unites for their various projects requires the developers. If you have a good hand in programming languages then you should grave these skills as these are like a gateway for the internet industry.

8. Cloud Computing

Like on the Internet Of thing we manage smart devices so in cloud computing the main focus on data sharing among these devices. Data is always flowing between the devices and if we draw this process as a picture it would show like making of the cloud. The main advantage of having a cloud computing service is the real-time data sharing among the business points. The service provider keeps data in the cloud with security. All internet service providers, digital marketing solutions companies, software developers are now providing cloud computing services. There is a huge demand for cloud computing experts.  

New Career options for 2020

Above are the main focused career options, for the 2020 and upcoming years, as far as the innovation and improving information technology is concerned. The positive point is that you can earn the skills for the above designations in a quick time without taking a break from your current job. Like if you are a sales and marketing representative then any short term course of digital marketing not only remained you of your career path but also opens a new way of productivity. For the student of computer science, there are huge career options for 2020 in the job market, but they should include creativity and some business communication to survive. For business students, there is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurship and business.

So this is the end of the post 8 New Career options for 2020 And Beyond. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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