9 Fantastic tips to Do Ph.D. after B.Tech

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Many amongst us have a strong desire to have a strong and stable career. But certain individuals aim for something that is even more ambitious. They want to keep on adding the title of numerous degrees after their name. This brings a good future and fortune. One such prestigious degree is Ph.D many students want to have supreme control over the stream they choose. This is only possible if they have the title of a Ph.D doctor added to their name. After thorough research and meticulous arrangement of data, we have prepared this article that will help you with getting your Ph.D after B.Tech.

1. Choose the right program

Making the choice to do a Ph.D. is a very adamant choice after all. If you came to this point, you must have researched your way thoroughly. But what we will suggest is go through the program details again and again. In fact, consult an expert in this field that will aid you in selecting the right program for you. What we will like to highlight is that certain universities offer a program that gains you a master as well as a Ph.D. degree. It is always better to choose these programs.

2. Deciding the institute

Your Ph.D. degree will earn you more prestigious and honorable if it did from a well-known institute. Certain esteemed companies look for candidates who have pursued their Ph.D. degrees from the most reputed institute. The choice of the institute depends upon on the stream you want, the program you want to undertake, the fees they charge and the geographical locations and the traveling and residential problems that come with it. Some of the most preferred universities are- Columbia University, U.S.A, MIT, U.S.A, Stanford University, U.S.A., University of Illinois, U.S.A, University of Manchester, UK, University of Sussex, UK

3. Opt for the desired branch

While doing a Ph.D. after B.Tech, make sure you do not settle for a branch that is nowhere near your area of interest. The most sort for branches in Ph.D. after B.Tech are chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer engineering. These particular branches experience maximum applicants every year. Also, these branches have good market value. They will definitely increase the amount of salary a company decides to pay you for your work and expertise. Make sure to be well acquainted with the knowledge of the branch, its position and demand in a current scenario before you choose that particular branch as your career choice.

4. Process of application

Application processes defer from University to university. Few Universities have their application open multiple times a time while others have an annual application program. The application details are easily available on the website of the institute. If under any doubt, do not hesitate to call the officials of that institute to get a Crystal clear and vivid idea regarding the application procedure.

5. Requirements for the program

Various programs have various requirements. They may or may not overlap. However, certain things like a good resume and knowledge of the English language should always be ready in hand. Certain programs require an experience pertaining to that field. For instance, they might be welcoming applicants who have done research or have worked in that sector. Your grades are equally important. They exhibit your consistency and determination.

6. Exams and qualifications

To be eligible for various programs, one needs to pass a series of certain examinations that various universities take into consideration. Some of the must-pass examinations include islets and Gre. These exams asses language skills. GMAT and TOEFL are other required exams one needs to excel in order to be eligible for the course of their choice. One needs to be clear with the idea that though these exams have no or very little relevance to their field of doctorate, it is a must to give exam for many Universities across the globe, especially in European and American countries.

Ph.D after B.Tech

7. Make a strong resume

Thousand and thousands of candidates apply for these universities to pursue the program of their choice, however only a few could make through it. This is because the ones who actually make through the program are the ones who pay utmost attention to their resume. It is a fact that you will be only called for your interview if you have the resume for it. We at CareerGuide suggest you all to please pay attention to the resume as it will hike up the chances of your selection.

8. Look after the financial factor

While selecting a University, many candidates do not pay heed to the stress it will be on their shoulders with respect to financial status. Some universities charge more than others; while some universities have a scholarship type of facility. This is a major factor as it will add up to the stress if not dealt with it properly. Make a note to calculate the expenses before you confirm a University of your choice.

9. Give your all in

Ph.D. after B.Tech is a difficult and audacious step you will ever take in your life. Make sure you are well acquainted with the stress and effort you are asking for. Because in times of adversities, only and only you will have to deal with it. Put all of your efforts into this process because no matter how discouraging or how impossible it seems, it is that much fruitful at the end.

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