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Career counselling jobs in Delhi have been high in demand. We need counsellors and professionals who work diligently in guiding the youth and helping them prosper in the realms of their professional lives. A career counsellor can provide a student with practical assistance which other people cannot. Such needs direct the demand for counsellors and experts in the field of career guidance.

Career counselling jobs in Delhi are growing at an exceptional rate where Career counselling is prospering into a full-fledged profession. People are looking for career gurus to encourage today’s generation in choosing a suitable domain. Career Development and guidance is serving as vital factors in shaping your long-term goals. Yet, such career-building requires the interference of experts and counsellors to lead you to a fruitful path. Let us read and understand the following article to know more about the career counselling jobs in Delhi.

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What are Career counselling jobs in Delhi?

Career counsellor: The career counselling jobs in Delhi introduces the position of a career counsellor. The job of a career counsellor is surging high in the job market. It is one of the respectable occupations, which helps individuals in defining their future profession. These counsellors are supposed to be attentive, observant and understanding. They work with pupils to shape their career-oriented thinking in the right direction. Most importantly, they assess the student’s personalities and assist them accordingly. Career counsellors are specifically guiding you in the academic domain for a visionary future. This profession is less of a duty and more of a service. They are promising professionals to retrieve career-based advice from, as they constantly work to serve you, to help you get the best.

Academic counsellorThe career counselling jobs in Delhi introduces the position of an academic counsellor. The job of an academic counsellor is a competitive profession, demanding to examine the student’s skills, aptitude and abilities. They are supposed to offer counsel to those witnessing challenges in their academic growth. Academic counsellors will have to attend to their queries and learn to decipher their curriculum difficulties and pose solutions for the same. Not only this but, they should be able to recommend courses and other resources to the students. Furthermore, being an academic counsellor is a demanding job as it does require analytical thinking, strategic mindset and experience to help the youth with their career-decision problems. Career counselling is highly preferable and is a must.

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Counsellor in marketing: The career counselling jobs in Delhi introduces the position of a counsellor in marketing. Such a profession requires them to be proficient in structuring and forming the counselling program for students, meeting their needs of a fulfilling career and guiding them accordingly. They should be able to collaborate and promote their services meaningfully. The demand for a counsellor in marketing is constantly increasing in the schools, where they want to guide their students to achieve their long-term goals. With this, they wish to hire such professionals proficient in their fields. Counsellors in marketing are considered favourable based on the services and responsibilities they undertake to direct the students on the path to a successful career option. Isn’t it amazing?

Career counselling executive: The career counselling jobs in Delhi introduces the position of a career counselling executive. Such a profession demands executives with prior experience in the fields of career development and counselling. The professional should be responsible for looking after the student’s queries, following up with their needs, conducting the counselling sessions and helping them navigate through influential courses/admissions. They would be responsible for carrying out the events and guiding them. Executives should resolve their confusion and offer them solutions. The role of such a profession is highly comprehensive and detailed. One should have gained familiarity and experience in different fields. It is only after then one can connote to the job responsibilities.

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By: Hansika Bhardwaj

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