Hy friends we are back with another blog. This time We strongly suggest you read it carefully to protect your family to protect your dear ones from COVID-19. This blog is also important for Students to understand Things You Can Do While Schools Shutdown During CoronaVirus. So without any further due let’s begin. In December 2019 there are multiple cases of Pneumonia in China at Wuhan province. Initially, It was found that its due to a virus named as 2019 Novel-Corona virus. This Virus has a crown-like structure and inside it consists of genetic material, the spikes of this virus are made from protein. There is a different kind of Coronavirus but mainly generates two types of syndrome 1. Common cold, Fever, Dry cough, running nose, shortness of breath 2. more serious disease pneumonia, kidney failure.

COVID-19 School Shutdown During Coronavirus

This coronavirus is very dangerous and has a spontaneous chain reaction. So the question arises where and how its origin. This coronavirus is originated by animals and most of the researchers and doctors believe that it originated from Bats and reptiles or by mutation of both. This virus transmits through droplets or contamination with a virus. Most of the time people in fish markets or people who take care of infected people are at most risk. The doctors also suggested that more than 60 years of age and less than 10 years of age are at most risk.

Coronavirus Graphic Web Feature

Now how to detect or diagnosis this disease? Very easy this can be detected by PCR(polymerase chain reaction through their genetic fingerprinting). As there is no medicine or treatment for this virus so it creates more fear for humanity. From our childhood, we always heard that prevention is better than cure. So the prevention from this coronavirus is to use handkerchief while sneezing, frequently handwash, avoid direct contact with animals, frequently sanitize your hand, Use an N-95 face mask to avoid other’s droplet can be some prevention. Due to this pandemic Covid-19 many Government agencies, Offices, Malls, Markets, School, Colleges, and other public places where more than 20 people gathered kept closed so that we can halt the chain of this pandemic. Now while people are at home and no office or school so what Things You Can Do While Schools Shutdown During CoronaVirus.

Online Certification Courses

Best online course(mooc)

This time is best for grooming your knowledge, intelligence, and Psychology. You can start with any field of interest like web designing, English speaking, Programing-skills, writing skills, any foreign language course, etc. The sky is the limit whatever you want to learn and get the knowledge about you can start with it. There are many online platforms like Coursera, Udemy in which you can find a relevant course for yourself. These courses come with a wonderful quality of content and online certification. This certificate can be attached to your resume, this also enhances your interviews.

Took classes from home

Due to this COVID-19 virus, the government cancelled all examinations and test even board exams too. All the coaching centres and educational institutions are closed. So this is the high time when one can prepare in a well-defined manner through online platforms. There are many platforms like skype, Zoomvid, etc to conduct online video conferencing or even studying in groups. We can use video-conferencing as a tool for our study while schools shutdown during coronavirus.

Self Study at home

Covid-19 created a panic for the entire world but this is a negative side of this pandemic. For every situation, we have both sides negative as well as positive side. So the positive side is we got plenty of time for our study we can practice lots of math problems, can study for olympiads, can also go for booster courses which can enhance our IQ level, we can also go for enhancing our reading skills, writing skills, vocabulary building.

Play In-Door games

Covid-19 only challenges us for outdoors or doesn’t allow us to gather in groups physically, but here is the hack we can group our self virtually. There are many video games that we can play during Janta Curfew or in lockdown situations like PUBG, MILIMILITIA, etc. Not only this many indoor games like chess, carom-board, Business games, etc. These games can help us to survive this tough time and make us feel energetic at the same time.

Do Extra-Curricular activities

COVID-19 Schools Shutdown During CoronaVirus

This period is best to identify your insights. Have you ever imagine, that there are lots of things that you want to do in your home but due to lack of time somehow you aren’t able to complete for example Some of you want to cook chilli-paneer but find it difficult due to lack of time, some of you want to make a  painting, or want to practice your guitar, or simply want to spend time with the family its high time you can do all the stuff while Schools Shutdown During CoronaVirus.

So we hope you get some benefit from this blog and yes take care. we will meet you with a new blog till then Chiao.

So this is the end of the post Things to Do While Schools Shutdown During CoronaVirus. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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