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An important element to an exciting and fruitful career is Passion. it is defined as a strong feeling of enthusiasm. It can be towards the things you desire or are interested in. Having a passion can help you achieve a fascinating career graph, have a consistent interest in the job, and increase the thrill to work. Passion can be found or developed. This article explores the tricks to find and/or develop your passion for your profession.

The following ways help you find and develop your passion.


It is like an evil anti-fairy sitting on your shoulders to derail you. They may seem tempting in the beginning but in the long run, will present you with unexpected downfalls. Clearing them shall be your first step to find your passion. Distraction can occur with multiple thoughts bombarding your brain at the same time. This could be avoided with a simple method like meditating and exercise. This will help you clear all thoughts to replace them with better and organized thoughts. Using Critical thinking will set a clear image of your goals and vision, curbing your distractions.

Find your interest

Being aware of likes and dislikes gives you a hint of what you will be interested in. A person who loved wood carving first begins with simply scraping off the bark or taking a pointed object such as a nail. The building interest boosts passion for carving and eventually, the person becomes an expert. Curiosity is key in this case. The rising interest developed by curiosity fuels the passion that you need.

Get to work!

Often, we think of a certain job to be perfect for us. The imperfection of the occupation isn’t visible then. The realization strikes when it begins to seem boring. Your productivity drops and burnout kicks in. Hence doing an internship for the subject/ field you are passionate about allows you to experiment. This is the perfect time to evaluate your decisions and change them if they are not comfortable for you.

Burnout problems!

Before losing complete interest, an individual goes through the phase of burnout. What needs to be taken into consideration is whether it’s out of self- exhaustion or lost passion. Self-exhaustion can occur with living an unhealthy lifestyle happening due to excessive hard work. It can lead to physical and mental exhaustion and can be fixed with breaks. Seek advice from people who have been through a similar problem. If a break doesn’t help it’s time you make a new passion.

Finding passion can be difficult for some. So here are a few tips to make your likes, your passion.

Walk towards the curiosity

The first step to making a passion is stating something that you find interesting. You may or may not know it well like playing squash, painting, or writing. Initiate it without hesitation. No one is born perfect.

For example, you just got curious about writing, you took a pen a began writing a short story or free verse poetry. You may not know it all, but you can still try.

Knowledge time

Once you start enjoying your curiosity you must start seeking professional input. Take up courses. At the same time, self-research is a must. Read up on the techniques. Know the experts on the field. Look up their journeys, get inspired.

Example: (continued from above) Read up books of famous writers. Acquire skills and build up your vocabulary. Check their journeys. And don’t forget to sign up for content writing courses.

Practice makes everyone perfect!

By now you must have acquired the minimum passion you need to continue. If not, go back! Get a new interest. All the theories learned shall be put into practice. Make it a habit to hone the skills.  

Example: start writing every day. blogs, social media, small internships, etc. will get you comfortable with the idea of your work.

Stay motivated

As per a study, a human mind can concentrate on one task for 20-25 minutes and here we talk about doing the same task every day. This is where your passion needs to start working. Think of the bigger picture. Revise your goals and take breaks.

Example: have a vision of being a famous writer either for the readers’ world or movies or poems. As long you have your vision you can set little-little goals. Writers’ block will be a barrier here. So, you take a break. do something relaxing. 


Passion can help you achieve what you desire. Be patient. It’s a lengthy and tedious process. But the result is fruitful. If you can’t find a passion, make one.

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