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A career decision is crucial right? It is a path we choose to walk in and our social recognition, professional and financial success, peace, and happiness depend on it. Every student is different. Plus every occupation has different requirements and offers a different environment. In this modern era, there are a number of good career options available for the students. But there is one specific career that fits each one of them. After 12th or graduation or even post-graduation, students often get confused about which career to choose. There are lots of advice they get from parents, friends, and people around them, that constantly influence their decision-making process. Peer pressure can be one of the major influencers why most of the students end up taking a subject or course.

Parents have their own expectations which can put a lot of burden on students’ shoulders. Plus the students have their own interests and there are lots of career options which are on-trend that can seem very magnetic and tempting too. So they get confused about what decision to make. Often most of the students end up choosing the wrong career guidance because of the unawareness of the process and the subjects taken, which they later regret when they actually have to walk the path. This is because they didn’t take an insight into themselves properly whether they have the goods or not. And they took a decision in a haste without accessing their qualities, their core strengths, and weaknesses. So here we are going to discuss Why Career Counseling is Required which play an important role by intervening and making student’s life simpler and easier!

Why career counseling is important?

  1. Career counselors evaluate the students and help them to identify themselves, their personality, and intelligence. There are eight kinds of tests available to test that!
  2. The process helps them to learn the difference between their interest and their potential.
  3. They teach how not to get influenced by people, media, and trends.
  4. When it becomes harder for a student to analyze himself/herself, a professional career counselor gives vocational career guidance. Here there are two major aspects of it, psychometric assessment and career counseling

Process of career counseling

The process of career counseling is scientifically designed and developed. Firstly there is the intake session where there is an interaction between the counselor and the student. Here the counselor tries to take the personal and educational details of the students as well as tries to know his/her interest. Then, there is an aptitude test also known as psychometric assessment. This is conducted in three major steps which are intelligence test, aptitude test, and personality test. This is followed by a counseling process, that is, one to one counseling sessions with both the students and the parents where there is an in-depth discussion of the score of the psychometric test and the councilor gives proper career guidance and career recommendations to the student.

The outcome of a career counseling session

A student gets clarity on his/her plans. He/she gets proper career guidance and career recommendations from an expert. He/she also gets a backup plan if in case the first plan fails. And even the student is made clear about the processes and procedures of the stream they are choosing Why Career Counseling is Required. So that they are ready to take off on a career! Throughout the years, career counseling has been effective and productive. there has been a change in the perspective of career counseling.


The best part is that we are living in a generation where we are blessed with modern technology. Everything is easily accessible online these days. Sitting in the comfort of your home, you can get counseling regarding your career from any part of India! Here at career guide, we have counselors to guide and assist both students and parents. They have in-depth knowledge about So here we are going to discuss Why Career Counseling is Required which play an important role by intervening and making student’s life simpler and easier and help in choosing the best career option available. Our councilors discover a student’s true career drive and all career-related confusions are resolved by our experts in the most effective way.

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So this is the end of the post Why Career Counseling is Required?. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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