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Hacking vocation is beyond normal coding because hackers are exposed to new enthralling challenges and problems. They have to utilize their problem-solving skills and extensive knowledge to resolve different issues. By gaining valuable acquaintance of computing and networking you can become a professional cybersecurity expert. But to stand out from the crowd you might have to work on some pivotal aspects. Through this strategy, job seekers can get marvelous opportunities based on their area of interests or the career journey which they wish to travel for accomplishing their long-term goals. 

It is the stark truth that the serendipitous occurrence of paradigm shift has led to the emergence of technological advancement which has now offered us the prestigious field of ethical hacking. The demand for ethical hackers is rising day by day. IT sectors are looking for talented ethical hackers who are capable of taking several responsibilities on their shoulders. Now several ethical hacking courses are also available in the market where specialists teach students to think like attackers instead of predators. This vision enables to extract out the root cause of remediate vulnerabilities which can lead to severe threats which can infuse malware practices in enterprises gadgets for gaining illicit personal benefits.

The main mission and vision of these courses are to propagate relevant information about the offense instead of defense. The course structure encompasses different topics like penetration testing, malware interpretation, exploit creation, and a brief study of contemporary hacking tools and applications. 

If ethical hacking fascinates you to become a certified hacker in the future, then here is the curated list of some pro ethical hacking certified courses that can help young learners to establish their rewarding career path. The list prescribes ZDNet recommended courses that can be unfolded by aspirants to know the nitty and gritty about hacking.


EC- Council CEH (Globally Recognized)

EC-Councils Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) qualification secures the first position in our well-articulated list because of its popularity. Further, this course is perceived as a well-known option in today’s era. CEHv11 has the drive to teach aspirants about the modern techniques of ethical hacking, exploits, the rise of cybersecurity trends, attack vectors, and many more core elements. These eloquent course topics also include several dynamic case studies in the cyberattack field, malware interpretation, etc. to make students more familiar with ethical hacking. To assess the progress of the candidates, the course inculcates a series of challenges. Enthusiasts are free to opt for the time for completing ethical hacking challenges. The list of challenges includes 18 attack vectors such as bash exploits, SSRF, file tampering, etc. If you complete this certification course, then it might open new career opportunities for you in the vocation of pen tester, network engineer, and consulting.

Offensive Security Pen 200 (OSCP)

If you are looking for the foundation course in Kali Linux OS for ethical hacking, then you might be interested to opt Offensive Security Penetration Testing with Kalin Linux courses. This course emphasizes the empirical and pragmatic approach to offer practical learning to interested students. The theoretical part is also available but it is light in contrast to practical exercises. The lectures and academic studies have been incorporated into the course curriculum to accelerate the critical thinking and problem-solving soft skills of the students. This course follows the motto of “Try Harder” because to be an ethical hacker you to invest time and hard work. For comprehending the functionality of Windows, Linux, Python, and many more, the candidate needs to be familiar with network principles. If you are determined to revolve your world 360 degrees by being an expert in the ethical hacking field, then you might kick off your journey by opting OSCP course which will offer you qualification. It is considered a prestigious certification in the cybersecurity industry.

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Offensive Security Pen 300, Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (Advanced Exploitation)

PEN 300 (OSEP) is also referred to as another solid ethical hacking certification course specially designed or formulated for aspirants who ready to learn advanced penetration testing through training. The course revolves around the concepts of PEN 200. This course encapsulates fieldwork assistance and in-depth studies in perimeter attack and defense. Their well-structured syllabus includes a myriad of concepts like antivirus, evasion, post-exploits, how to bypass network defenses and filters, Microsoft SL attacks, and many more. You will receive OSEP certification after you successfully crack 48 hours examination which is created to assess the skills and practical knowledge of an individual.

SANS SEC560: Network Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking (Reconnaissance and Infiltration)

The SANS Institute delivers engaging courses in which students are taught to execute reconnaissance as an attacker and exploit target systems to get instant access. It sensitizes learners about the specific methodologies to infiltrate the system with the support of series of exercises and lab schedules. The course is developed in collab with SANS partners GIAC’s Penetration Tester and finishes with a Capture. At the end, there is an assessment test to evaluate your new abilities.  

By- Hruditya Kumar

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