Animation nowadays is an emerging field in education and also has good prospects in career. You can express your views and thoughts through 3D animations and characters. The number of learners aspiring to take up animation as a career is indeed high. The applications of 3D animation maybe for entertainment, education, architecture, game creation, advertisement and so on. Here are a few online courses in 3D animations that will enlighten you about the details of 3D animations.

5 Best 3D Animation Online Courses

  1. 3D Animation Courses & Training (LinkedIn Learning)
  2. 3D & Visual Effects Courses (PluralSight)
  3. Fundamentals of 3D Visualization by IIT Bombay (edX)
  4. 3D Animation Courses Online (Udemy)
  5. 3D Certification Courses (Coursera)

3D Animation Courses & Training (LinkedIn Learning)

The courses in Blender cover most of the foundational aspects and applications hence familiarizing you with the concepts of modeling, sculpting, textures, 3D animation, simulation, and dynamics, 2D animation, VFX, handy blender settings, filming and HDR, quick animation, rig a character, dynamic painting, sculpting, camera projections, textures and much more.  you get a certificate of completion.

In Maya, you will be confident in creating realistic textures of different objects around us. You will be aware of textures, to scale and till textures, export texture maps, create procedural textures, geometry conversion, its types, detailing of objects like a vase, books, bookshelf, table, leather chairs and much more. The functionalities like viewports, objects, polygonal models, NURBS techniques will be taught thoroughly.  You will be able to create high-quality models and animations. After completion of each course, a certificate of completion will be rewarded.

You will also get to learn the details of ZBrush, its techniques, tools, functions, popular workflows and so on. Some courses will give you the concept of what 3D animation is, hence enable you to kind of visualize the workflow of 3D animation beforehand. There are beginners as well as advanced courses that can give you an overall concept and applications of different software meant for 3D animation.

Course Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Rating: 4.5/5

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3D & Visual Effects Courses (PluralSight)

This platform will enable you to learn a variety of skills. You can opt for Fusion 360, ZBrush, Maya, 3ds Max, Photoshop and so on. Each of these courses has a different taste and focuses on one of the unique applications of the software.

Through the software Marvelous Designer 6, you will explore the basic details of patterns in fabric, creating innovative styles of pattern and sewing,  creating poses and animate them to view the outcome of the garment you have designed.

You can opt to learn the basics of 3ds Max including modeling, mapping, interior modeling, developing modular structures, conversion of concept art to 3D images. You will also acquire professional tips and techniques to give a perfect finishing to our works.

In Fusion 360, you can start your learning from the basics of design work, geometry and then further improve your knowledge by opting for project and application courses available on the platform. You will also get some advanced courses that will help to sharpen your skills.

In Maya, you can explore professional techniques like adding the base to a product, refining it, finishing off its internal part, using textures, shadows, lights to make pragmatic projects like creating a computer-generated car and products besides the basic tools available in the software.

Numerous courses will help you achieve your goals to expertise in the software of your choice. You can apply your knowledge in the real-world with the help of these in-depth, detailed and a variety of courses.

Course Provider: PluralSight

Rating: 4.5/5

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Fundamentals of 3D visualization(edX)

Two different courses are to be completed to complete this professional program. The first course will help you explore 3D visualization concepts and apply those concepts to make your 3D animations. The course is quite slow-paced which is extremely beneficial to beginners. After the end of the course, you will be quite confident specifically in your skills in the animation of non-organic objects. The other course is a very basic course that will make you aware of fundamental concepts required to provide better detailing to objects and then to proceed with animations. The course primarily covers the concepts of modeling, adding textures, lighting, shadows and much more. This program focuses on the tools and functionalities of the software Blender with the help of which you will be acquainted with the principles of animation and 3D concepts. Both of these courses last for 4 weeks each. You will earn a certificate after the completion of each of the courses.

Course Provider: edX

Rating: 4.5/5

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3D Animation Courses Online (Udemy)

Through the courses in Blender, you will learn basics of modeling, basic rigging, humanoid animations, create characters, sculpting, rigid body dynamics and apply your knowledge to start your journey in game development.

In cinema 4D, you will learn about skills like lighting, dynamics, rendering, modeling, composting and much more. You will also get a hands-on project that will make your learning more interesting and practical.

There are courses related to Fusion 360 that are quite popular and focus on the application part like designing led light, spinners, etc as well as theory parts that will enable you to know about the details and tools available in the software.

The courses are enriched with downloadable resources, interactive quiz and easy- to understand lectures by expert instructors. After the completion of each course, you will earn a certificate of completion. There are a variety of courses that will cater to your needs and interest.

Course Provider: Udemy

Rating: 4.5/5

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3D Certification Courses (Coursera)

There are a variety of courses in Unity that will enable you to learn to form a character controller, create an Animator controller, create 3D characters, GUI, 2D drawings, 3D modeling, animation, fabrication etc and then finally apply all these skills to do a final project in order to learn the real-life example.

Numerous courses do not focus on the functionalities of a particular software but teach you the foundational concepts required to proceed with 3D animation. Those courses will acquaint you with what animation is, what its utility is, the basic skills like 2D images, 3D modeling, animations, fabrication and so on. After completion of these courses, you will master the concepts due to which you will have very little problem to learn any software in the domain of 3D animation.

Course Provider: Coursera

Rating: 4.5/5

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Here was a brief description of the Online Animation Courses & Training and it can turn out to be really effective when learned with the true and required dedication. And you can also go for other courses like Adobe Illustrator Course, Class & Training,  Macroeconomics Courses & certification, etc. Happy learning.!

So this is the end of the post Online Animation Courses & Training. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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