Top 6 Programming Languages To Learn In 2021

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The world is getting more technologically advanced with the fast improvement in Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and so forth. Labor Statistics have anticipated a 21% development in programming occupations in the coming decade, which is more than 4x more than others. Yet, beginning a career in programming can be an overwhelming adventure, particularly for students with no related knowledge. So in case, you can’t choose where to start, don’t stress since we have you covered. Here are the best programming languages you must learn to sharpen your programming skills.


Despite its current-day prevalence, Python was initially released in 1991 and has been something of a sluggish burner. The past few years have seen a blast in Python’s popularity and application, to a great extent because of its applications in Machine Learning and Data Science. Python is an undeniably broad and useful language with uses in building web applications, dissecting information, and creating calculations. It has a simple to use the linguistic structure with an accentuation on code coherence and straightforwardness.

Making it ideal for junior designers, particularly for individuals who are keen on a career in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Science. The language is known for being exceptionally dependable and effective. There are a few Python libraries accessible to designers. These libraries help accelerate different assignments in Data Science, building AI calculations, and connecting to APIs. Its dependability and productivity make it mainstream for both huge endeavors and new companies. In addition, it tends to be utilized and to computerize certain exercises, including a portion of your tedious everyday tasks.

Data Science, Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence


Java is a top programming language since Java is the locale language for Android, the most famous and versatile operating system on the planet. With 2.3 billion cell phones running Android, Java (like JavaScript) has far more to offer. The language has been among the top popular programming languages since its creation during the 90s.

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Presently, a significant number of the world’s biggest organizations use Java to program applications and back-end web frameworks. Along these lines, if a designer knows Java, they’ll be in ceaseless popularity. Something to remember, when selecting a programming language, as they’ll probably have various applications. Your contribution, in this way, should be serious. Java is mainstream for many reasons. It has extraordinary versatility, because of stage freethinker Java Virtual Machine (JVM). This implies that Java can run on virtually every framework. It’s likewise exceptionally versatile. This makes the language famous among the programmers and new budding companies.

Java, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), programming languages, best programming languages to learn, Artificial Intelligence


The C++ programming language is one of the most seasoned, most famous programming languages because of its convey ability and early reception by tech monsters like Apple and Microsoft. C# (known as C-sharp) is a side project of the first language, created in 2000 by Microsoft. It is an article arranged language, coordinated around objects rather than activities, and information rather than rationale.

Its highlights are like Java, and C# is especially successful for building Windows work area applications and games. It can likewise be utilized to foster web and portable applications. C# is regularly utilized for enormous organization applications, for example, handling bank exchanges. Specifically, assuming your association works inside the gaming industry (or is wanting to) C# is very beneficial. 34% of the top free versatile games are programmed utilizing C#, alongside computer-generated reality applications. It’s regularly used to foster games utilizing Unity, including Temple Run Trilogy and Assassin’s Creed: Identity, etc.

C++, Apple, Microsoft, gaming industry, Assassin's Creed, Temple Run Trilogy


Kotlin is a universally useful programming language initially created and uncovered as Project Kotlin by JetBrains in 2011. The primary adaptation was authoritatively delivered in 2016. It is interoperable with Java and supports practical programming languages. Kotlin is utilized widely for Android applications, web applications, work area applications, and worker side application improvement. Kotlin was thought to be superior to Java, and individuals who use this language are in high demand. The vast majority of Google applications depend on Kotlin. A few organizations utilizing Kotlin as their programming language incorporate Coursera, Pinterest, PostMates, etc.



PHP is an open-source programming language made in 1990. Many web designers think, that it’s fundamental to learn PHP, as this language is utilized to fabricate over 80% of sites on the Internet, including Facebook and Yahoo. Developers primarily use PHP basically to compose worker-side contents.

However, designers can likewise utilize this language to compose order line contents, and software engineers with significant level PHP coding skills can likewise utilize it to foster work area applications. PHP is viewed as a moderately simple language to learn for budding engineers. PHP experts have various committed online networks, making it simple to find backing and solutions to questions.

PHP, programming languages, best programming languages to learn, Artificial Intelligence


A couple of years prior, Swift made it to the 10th position of the TIOBE Index ranking of mainstream programming languages. Apple created Swift in 2014 for Linux and Mac applications. An open-source programming language that is not difficult to learn, Swift backs nearly everything from the programming language Objective-C. Swift requires less coding skills in contrast to other programming languages, and it very well may be utilized with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix. Swift is utilized in well-known iOS applications like WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and in-game Flappy Bird. Experts who program iOS applications bring home yearly compensation of around $96,000.

Swift, programming languages, best programming languages to learn, Artificial Intelligence

By- Azba Rehman

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