7 Skills you need to become a social media manager

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Here are some of the abilities you’ll need to succeed as a social media manager position:


Social media managers write a lot, often as many as a dozen posts every day. Each social media platform necessitates a slightly distinct writing style. For example, LinkedIn requires a more professional tone, but Facebook is more lighthearted and enjoyable. Knowing how to write SEO text is also beneficial. (I’ll go into more detail about this later!) You must be able to communicate messages that are easily comprehended by your target audience and that generate a positive brand image.

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The following are some examples of key types of writing:

  • Create headlines that are succinct and powerful.
  • Interesting start-ups
  • Organizing text such that it is simple to read. (Subtitles, bullet points, and numbering are essential because customers will be skimming and scanning!)
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On a daily basis, social media managers must keep up with the ever-changing world of social and digital media, as well as the new measuring tools that others are using and what competitors are posting. To stay on top of trending information, great social media managers set up Google Alerts on popular topics and use tools like Feedly and BuzzSumo. The Twitter Trends and Facebook Trending sidebars are also excellent resources, as is hashtag research.

SEO knowledge 

Though SEO is frequently treated as a separate department within companies, it should have a significant impact on other aspects of the business, particularly content and social media. Indeed, SEO has a significant impact on your social media strategy, according to Hootsuite. A skilled social media manager understands this and seeks to optimize social media material with SEO in mind at all times.

When you include SEO in your social media plan, you will reach a wider audience, which will result in more prospective consumers. “Content is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, and your social media manager is the gatekeeper and advocate of much of this content,” according to Forbes.

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Ask yourself the following questions if you’re considering integrating SEO and social media:

  • Are you aware of the link between social media exposure and higher search engine rankings?
  • How will you use social media to promote your blog’s content?
  • Do you understand how increasing website traffic affects revenue?

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Social media expertise

A social media manager must have social media skills, which may seem self-evident. And, while these can be learned over time through research and experimentation, you’ll need a few years of experience if you want to work for a large corporation. You’ll require the following skills:

  • Understanding what types of content work best on certain platforms
  • Understanding how to optimize content based on platform
  • Capacity to engage an audience via social media posts.

Customer services skills

When 34.5 percent of clients choose social media for customer service, social media managers must ensure that they have the necessary abilities. Customers frequently turn to social media accounts for answers to questions about products and services, and if no one is available to respond (even on nights and weekends! ), their impressions of the company will likely deteriorate. “An effective social media manager realizes that your social media presence is your brand’s online face; that everything they say or do on social media is a representation of the brand – for good or for bad,” Forbes says.

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Visual intelligence 

While written content will make up the majority of your social media posts, visual content is equally essential. The proper gif or photo can be shared hundreds, if not thousands, of times, and you need to know which images work best on each social media platform.

It’s beneficial for social media managers to have a basic understanding of design so they can develop aesthetically appealing graphics to go along with their posts. Know Your Meme can help you stay up with the everyday evolution of new memes (if appropriate for your company). Video is also a crucial component, so learning how to use it will be highly beneficial.


Flexibility is essential in every marketing function, but it is more critical in social media management. Because the social media landscape changes so frequently, being adaptable is a must. Being able to schedule postings isn’t enough. You must be able to experiment with new features and make changes in response to new trends and the ongoing testing and analytics that you should conduct on your postings.

You’ll need the flexibility to try new things once you have the analytics in hand to make your social media function best for you. A/B testing (writing posts in different ways with different images) can help you rapidly figure out which types of images and copy are effective for your business – and which aren’t.

By: Sananda Kumari

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