With kindle and online publications gaining momentum, everyone chooses to publish online now. Even established writers choose to publish online now due to a better audience, a larger target audience, and better prices. Paperbacks aren’t being sold that much anymore and if you’re looking to write an ebook too, this list will help you out. Here is the list of Best eBook Online Training Courses.

Best eBook Online Training Courses

  1. eBook Courses Online (Udemy)
  2. How to Write and Publish an eBook (Creativelive)
  3. eBook Classes & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)
  4. Publish an eBook Course (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

eBook Courses Online (Udemy)

This search garners you multiple search results that meet multiple requirements of various people. Some are for absolute beginners, some for an intermediate level and some for pros. The course durations also vary. Some talk about how to write and publish, some how to publish and a few just give out tips

Course Provider: Udemy

Rating: 4.4/5

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How to Write and Publish an eBook (Creativelive)

This is from the point of view of Tara Gentile, a small scale writer who started publishing her books online and gained a new audience and better following. She basically talks about her journey and how you can achieve the same too. It talks about how you can write your book fast, edit it and then publish on your own website or Amazon.

Course Provider: CreativeLive

Rating: 4.6/5

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eBook Classes & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

This search garners 34 results. The courses are on various topics, all bound together by the same keyword, i.e eBook. Just like udemy, the courses vary greatly. Some are niche, the rest comprehensive. LinkedIn Learning although offers a first free month that lets you access all courses on the platform. Make sure to avail of the offer on a trial basis.

Course Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Rating: 4.5/5

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Publish an eBook Course (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

This course has 26 hours of content and 7 articles that you can refer to. It talks about what epub files are and Various channels of distribution. It teaches you how to create multimedia, standard and fixed layout files. LinkedIn Learning offers the first month free to new users.

Course Provider: LinkedIn Learning

Rating: 4.3/5

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Here was a brief description of the Best E-Book Online Training Courses, Tutorials which can turn out to be really effective when learned with the true and required dedication. you can also go for other courses like Best Machine learning CertificationBest Marketing Certifications, etc. Happy learning.!

So this is the end of the post Best eBook Online Training Courses. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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