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With hundreds of millions of active users, Instagram is one of the best free social media platforms for achieving your target market. But you can’t simply plunge into a posting palooza and wait for positive results. Yes, posting regularly is important, however, it has to be a section of a bigger approach for promoting your Instagram account. The more familiarity people have with your company on this platform, the greater trust you can garner and the greater positive the rest of your advertising efforts will be.

With such a massive user base, you can easily conclude that you are achieving a large percentage of your goal market on Instagram. And converting value, earning trust, and constructing relationships on such a widely-used app will assist you to appeal to and preserve more customers. Let’s first make certain that you are set up to get the most out of your Instagram account promotion.

You should have an Instagram business account

Before you begin attracting extra people to your Instagram account, make sure your Instagram account is a business or public profile. If you’re using a personal Instagram account for your business, switching to a business account is certainly very easy. At the bottom right of your home screen select the individual icon, then the wheel in the screen’s top right corner. This will take you to the “Options” display the place you can choose “Switch to Business Profile.”

Complete your profile

Being such a visible platform, an incomplete Instagram profiles is very unattractive. It would be better to have much fewer people discovering a complete profile than to have people viewing at an incomplete profile. To build your business profile, add beneficial details about your business, use a high-quality profile picture, and write a positive Instagram bio. Also, add an hyperlink of your online business or a distinct landing page in your bio.


Make yourself visible

You can’t promote your Instagram account and earn followers if they can’t locate you! So double-check to make certain your profile is public. Otherwise, solely those who are already following you can see your posts. Now that we have these fundamentals taken care of, it’s time to talk about how to promote your Instagram account effectively, without spending a dime.

With email

It may additionally be helpful to add the social media icons of your most-used social media platforms in the footer of your marketing emails—or even in your signature for normal emails. This will not directly promote your Instagram account, however, it offers your audience one extra factor of getting access to your profile. Plus, I’d think that there are positive segments of your email listing that are both loyal clients and incredibly qualified leads, so the chances that they might also arrive at your Instagram account via one of your emails are higher.

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On your website

At this point, consumers prefer social media icons to be on a business’s website, usually at the bottom in the footer, so do add these icons and links to your handles. In addition, if your business is relatively structured on visuals (like before-and-after photos, stunning landscapes, interior designs, etc.); if you are a photographer or event planner with a gallery; or if you have a product feed on Instagram, you can also prefer to have a page where your Instagram feed is embedded.

Via different social networks

If you have large followings or good engagement on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, use these structures as cross-promotional equipment for your Instagram account. You may want to do this via the use of direct CTA’s, promoting the link of your Instagram account, or sharing your recent Instagram pictures and videos on these platforms. Since many people are active on more than one social network, you can possibly persuade some to follow you on Instagram as well.

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Start with your family and friends

This tip is especially beneficial for small or local businesses, or people simply beginning out with Instagram marketing. Connecting with family and friends will help you to garner some preliminary engagement, and they will be more than happy to promote your account on their very own networks. Even if they don’t immediately promote your account, their engagements with your profile will exhibit up in their feed and their followers can find out about you that way.

Prioritize engagement

Perhaps the excellent way to promote your Instagram account is through real engagement. Consumers like to feel heard, so the greater you have interaction again with their comments, the more comments, and publicity you will get. But don’t simply be reactive with your engagement; proactively like and remark on the posts of your supporters, and comply with them back. Each of these engagements organically promotes your Instagram account whilst at equal time strengthening your relationship with your audience and building trust.

By- Khushi Patel

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