7 Steps To Becoming A Freelance Photographer

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If you are a beginner photographer, who wants to start his career in freelancing. You will be looking at what a freelance photographer does. A freelance photographer is a person who takes photographs as per the requirements of the clients and gets paid for it.  As a freelance photographer, you get to choose what type of work you want to take on and turn down. Working as a freelance photographer, you have to market yourself on digital portfolio websites by displaying your works and targeting your potential clients and also on social media platforms. If you are looking forward to becoming a freelance photographer here are the steps you can consider.

Get equipment

The very first is to purchase your equipment so that you can be confident in your ability and perform your job comfortably. Regardless, this field only needs a few pieces of equipment to start in this career as a freelance photographer, which includes a camera, a flash, and lenses. You can also use reflector lights to create high-quality photos and diffusers. These things are necessary for the photographers who shoot real-estate, stock photography and shoot portraits. Having good lenses is the most important piece of equipment. Once you start making the income you have to spend money to purchase new lenses.

Photography freelance photographer Equipment

Work on your website

As a freelance photographer you will need a professional website for your photography, to showcase your work to potential clients. With the help of this website, you will be able to spread the word about your photography business online. WordPress will make your work easy to create personalized photography portfolios. You can make your website more than a Portfolio by using your website to communicate with clients, managing orders, delivering completed works and scheduling sessions.

Building portfolio

If you want to attract clients you have to make a strong portfolio. Once you are starting, you have to work for free to build your portfolio. You can find a local model. You need a portrait for the modeling portfolio that will be helpful for both of you. After doing some free work, you can display that on your website.

Photography freelance photographer coverimg

Work with clients

Now it’s the time to get your first clients. There are a lot of online platforms that can help photographers to attract clients, such as Pinterest, blogging, and sometimes from your friends or family. You can just create a blog and write regularly to Grab the attention of your new clients. Also, a blog will make your visitors aware of your work and it will also help to build trust professionally. You can also keep in touch with your existing clients with the help of newsletter emails. Making a strong network will help you to get repeat clients and additional work by referrals.


You have to manage your finances, because when you start working for someone else your salary is guaranteed but working as a freelance photographer will put you in charge of your salary and it’s risky. Once you understand your job and start managing the income and expenses of your photography business, you can fearlessly continue your business. Don’t forget that you and your business are not the same, pay yourself a salary and keep your business expenses separate. Following this way, you will know how to invest in your business and how much money you have left.

career opportunities in finance sector

Attending workshops and being confident

Continuing your education is important for freelance photographers because they need to sharpen their skills. You can attend a local photography workshop or study an online course and also sign up for a community college course. All these things will make you understand more and give you more knowledge about your field. You will get an opportunity to grow and work on your skills. Also, you will get to increase your network and get support from other freelance photographers. You have to be confident in your photography skills because you are a professional photographer. A successful freelancer shows potential clients that he can confidently deliver the work as per their requirements.

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You have to edit photographs before delivering them to the client to become successful. The best way for a freelance photographer is to produce amazing work as per the requirement of your clients, also giving an impression which will make them impressed and raving about you. While editing the photographs, it includes a background adjustment, fixing insufficient light, color balancing and enhancing skin tones.

By: Varsha Yadav

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