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Are you a psychology aspirant and seeking guidance on how to apply for a psychology internship?
Don’t worry, the following article will enlighten you further. It as a discipline deals with the scientific study of human emotions, behaviour and mental well-being. Psychologists have researching, examining and studying the way the human brain processes and functions. Psychology comprises different fields of study as clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, quantitative psychology, and much more. Its summaries and records the human behavioural patterns, cognitive functioning and social processes that influence their decisions and choices.

Internships in psychology are an integral part of a student’s life. It shapes their understanding based on real-life experiences and practical knowledge. The internships can make them realise the true meaning behind the studied theories while making them more aware and good observers.
To know more about gaining an internship in the field, let us dwell on the following article.

What are the benefits of a psychology internship?

1. Interns or undergraduate students can learn, decide and think of pursuing a specialisation in a particular field. It will help them identify their areas of interest while making them more knowledgeable and aware of the same course. 

2. One is likely to gain skills like- Awareness, practical or analytical thinking, excellent observation skills and much more. A student will learn to carry out different tasks like conducting research, practising while providing therapy trials to patients and offering them psychological care under their vigilance.

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3. It would let them work under the mentorship of an expert or a professional who can guide them properly about their particular field of interest. Most importantly, interns are gaining knowledge from practical experiences. They learn to connote with the theories of psychologists by conducting empirical observations. It generates a better understanding and interpretation of various notions in psychology.

4. Lastly, the internship adds a major boost to the students to understand the professional work ethic while looking for suitable employment in the job market.

What are the skills learnt by Psychology interns during the internship?

The skills learnt while doing the internship are as follows –
● Empathetic behaviour.
● Critical thinking skills
● Better communication incorporates the
● Attributes of a good listener.

How to find a psychology internship

To find a psychology internship, one should look at the following points of concern.
● An undergraduate student can hunt for internship opportunities at different organisations like women’s shelters, rehabilitation centres, centres dealing with children’s welfare and much more.
● To gain the experience, one can look for training and practice in non-profit organisations too. The point is how? Apply for the internship on Internshala and filter your preferences accordingly.
● Some offered internships offer a stipend, while some are certificate-based. Starters can go for the latter to gain a better understanding and familiarity with the job role or position. And eventually, after gaining experience, one can even go for the paid ones. Choose wisely.


● Students can look for internships on Internshala that offer various positions as a career counsellor, psychology consultant, content creator in Psychology and much more. All you have to do is prepare a strong CV and add your details to enhance your profile.
● Other platforms where one can look for internships are Interworld, Twenty19, Letsintern and much more. Undergraduate students can even approach the recruiters who visit their colleges and campus for interns.

When should we know we need to apply for an internship?

Undergraduate students should start looking for psychology internships at the end of the semester as advised by the professors. They can even start early to gain a better insight into the same.
Points to keep in mind
1. Discuss with your college coordinators or mentors- Most colleges offer placement opportunities for the students at the end of their final year. Discuss the same with your college coordinators as they will guide you through the procedure of selection, short-listing, and full-fledged guidance on internship placements or programs.
2. Online opportunities- Due to the outbreak of Novel coronavirus, we saw how the online opportunities widened the scope for the students. Grab this chance and do internships as offered by various platforms like Internshala, LinkedIn, internships.com and much more. Utilise the advantage of the online resources adequately, as you couldn’t have done the same in the offline mode.

3. Talk to your mentors and professors- One might not approach their professors in person but, one can surely reach them via other platforms like email if they wish to educate themselves on a particular subject. The question is -Why choose professors?
It is so as they have a piece of detailed knowledge about the field they’re working in. They even have contacts with the people who are serving as professionals. Such people will connect you to the future internship opportunities that come their way.


We conclude that to gain a better and detailed understanding of their subject, one should contact their professors to know more about the future opportunities, internship programs and information about placements for the same.
In the following article, we discussed the factors of concern regarding the Psychology internship.
Hoping you could know about the procedure of psychology internships.

By – Hansika Bhardwaj

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So this is the end of the post How to go about with a psychology internship?. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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