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In today’s competitive world, where we all think about our careers and trap ourselves in some unnecessary problems, guidance regarding a career is important for a student to choose the right path. The career guide is one such platform that provides career counseling for students of all different age groups. It consists of a large group of counselors that counsel students using different methods – psychometric tests, understanding the problems of a student, and many more.

So you must be thinking that why career counseling is required?

Due to the stressful condition that the students face while choosing their career option is somewhere cannot be expressed in words. Today, parents are inclined towards their child’s career immensely. Every time this five-lettered word, “CAREER”, keeps on revolving in our subconscious mind. Also, some so-called professions are given more priority over others without any reason. But do you think it to be the right chord that should be communicated with all the students? Are we molding our future generation incorrect direction? Do we get a large number of professionals by doing so?

NO!! Unfortunately, our education system only teaches our children to gain marks over knowledge and somewhere they all are running behind them. The comparison that the parents make with other students, is like a scar on their child’s mind, due to which many students develop a disease called career anxiety. They even attempt suicide when they are not able to fulfill the expectations of their parents without identifying their real potential and capabilities.

So what should be done to eradicate this scenario from society?
Career counseling is one of the essential factors that guide students towards the right career path of their own choice. It should be given from the basic school level only, students can develop their interests in various fields and identify their strengths and weaknesses. Also, nowadays, several psychometric tests are done just to figure out the capabilities of a child from the very initial level. Career Guide can help the students achieve this.

You must be wondering how career counseling can be done and, are there any professional counselors required for the same?
It is one of the biggest myths existing in our subconscious mind. For a particular type of job, only professionals are required, but that is not the case. You, your parents, your siblings, or even your friends can be well-versed counselors for you.

A counselor is a person with whom you feel very comfortable speaking up about all your problems and can share everything related to your career without any hesitation. But if you take any professional assistance, then it would be easier for you to choose your desired career option.
The various ways in which counseling can be done are:


You can talk to any professional counselor who has experience in this field. It will be easier for him to understand your problems can guide you after analyzing that. You will feel more cheerful when all your problems will be solved.



Always ask questions to yourself and try to explore your hobbies, interests, and personality. Introspect yourself in a better way regarding your strengths and weaknesses.


Never think that what people will think about me. If you have any anxiety ask your well-wishers and clear all your doubts from the beginning itself. It will help you to a great extent to make the correct career choice and excel in your field.

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Being extroverted is also one of the keys to be successful in your future. The more you talk, the more you gain knowledge, regarding the different existing fields that will help you choose the correct path.


Proper planning helps you to work on the tasks decided immediately without thinking and, the ability to execute them in the future.


From your childhood only, identify and pursue your hobbies and passion. It will provide you inner peace and, you will be able to concentrate on your academic pursuit as well.

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There is an urgent need to spread awareness regarding this issue and mold the upcoming generation in a much better way. They remain physically, mentally, and emotionally stable. Always make your decisions after analyzing every aspect. As it is rightly said by Roy T. Bennett that, “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.”


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