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“Some are born great, some achieve greatness and, some hire public relations officer,” says Daniel J. Boorstin. A PR department working in or for an organization has several jobs to offer. This article will explore some of the job opportunities you can work towards and have a fruitful career in Public Relations.

Let’s first know the qualification you need.

You may complete your 12th from any stream you desire. Complete your graduation in mass communication or arts to understand the basics of communication. Get a post-graduation in Public relations.

PR directors

They are known to handle most of the media matters and administer the teams in the PR firm. It’s one of the highest positions in the firm and takes years of experience.

Pr Director

PRO (Public relations officer)

They work for organizations. Their clients are not individuals but companies that cater to products or services. They may work solo or have a small team of their own depending on the PR firm they work at.


As the name suggests, they are editing all the writings that need to be sent out. Editing includes reducing redundancies, rephrasing, and making it more effective.


All witty lines and content for the client is written by a copywriter. They work in close coordination with a marketing team to understand the type of content that is needed.

What Does A Copywriter Do Header


Besides organization, Personal individual requires publicity to boost their careers. Public figures like actors/actresses, book writers, influencers, cricketers, etc. A publicist makes strategies to maintain their positive reputation.

PR specialists

PR specialists are those who are specialized at a certain task. For instance, if an organization doesn’t wish to have a whole team to manage its image. But requires certain people for special areas like online presence, branding, or event planning will ask for such a specialist.

Social media manager

They are specialized in handling the social media presence of the client. Creating suitable posts, engaging with the audience, increase fanbase, and so on, to enhance the social media presence.

Social Media Manager E1594760092664

Social media Analyst

They are specialized in identifying issues with an online presence. Focus on trends that social media managers could use to boost fanbases or audiences. They also find the type of audience an individual or organization has to help promote the type of content that will suit them.

Spoke’s a person

They are specialized in representing a company or individual in front of media. Events like press conferences are handled by them. In case of any absurd behaviors at public events, they take charge and speak for the company or individual.

Corporate communication

They ensure Internal or external PR base has good communication with the employees, board members, or any member of the company to avoid conflicts that could be a threat to the reputation of the company.

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Media planning

They are specialized in drafting strategies to showcase the company or individual to media for publicity. This includes conducting Press conferences, writing speeches, making press kits, etc.

Event management

They are specialized in organizing events or corporate or individual. It could be fundraising, charity, corporate meetings, etc.


They coordinate with the marking team of an organization or form team to create brand awareness or product/service engrossment. They may use an advertising team for better results.

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Though we are aware advertising is different from PR, yet PR departments have Ad personnel that works the advertising strategies of their client.


Research is the key element for PR personnel. Be it on the client company or working strategies. This is not done using solely search engines. But conducting interviews with the employees and org head to ensure the client they are working for isn’t into wrong practices could lead them down.

Crisis management

Special departments of PR firms are trained to handle a crisis. The best example to give is Nestle Maggie that made its way out of quality issues within 2 years.

Blog Image Crisis Managment 02 05 19 01 01

: By- Neha Pandey 

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So this is the end of the post 16 career opportunities in a PR firm. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.