Tips To Overcome Stage Fright

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Have you ever gone on the stage, felt blank and messed up? Don’t worry in this article you will learn how to overcome your stage fright and become better at public speaking. So here are some tips that will help you.


You should rehearse your speech many times and also in front of the mirror to boost your confidence. Rehearsal will make you confident. Say the speech in front of your friends and in front of the family to gain confidence. You need to practice as many times as you can. This way you will not forget the speech on stage.

Think Positive

Before the speech don’t let any negative thoughts affect your mind and if it happens then make sure you stay positive. Clear your head and drink water. You can do it as you are chosen for it. What can happen at most? They will at most not like it and then no one’s going to remember that after two days. The worst-case scenario is not that bad.

Think Positive

There Is No 10/10

Stop thinking about getting a 10 on the performance. There is nothing perfect in this world. Just be yourself and do your best.

Arrive Early & Double-Check Everything

If you arrive late, your anxiety will be heightened and will create problems. So it is better to arrive early and check the surroundings. Check the stage, mic, and everything you need in your performance again to be sure about everything.

Don’t Fight Your Stage Fright, Work On It

You should accept the fact that it is okay if you feel anxious. The more you resist it the more it will overpower your mind. Focus on the speech when speaking in public and the anxiety will ease off slowly.

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Greet The Audience & Smile

When you start the speech keep a smile on your face and greet the audience. Let the audience know that you are enjoying being here. Take a moment to make a relationship with them. This will bring a smile to their face and you will also feel confident.

Make It Interesting

You may feel nervous about your speech because of the thought that the audience might get bored. So make the speech interesting. Add humor to your speech, throw in a few jokes which will ease your tension and will attract the audience. You will be less worried if you know that your content is engaging.

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When Things Go Wrong

Something may go wrong. Your projector or microphone might stop working. But you know you have to speak as you have practiced so calm down, there is no need to worry and continue with the speech. If, for instance, your microphone stops working, don’t stress over it, increase your voice so that everyone can hear you. Technical people might be working on the problem, so till that time manage on your own. Stressing about it is not a solution.

Don’t Share Your Mistakes

When on the stage you might mix up the order of the speech or you might forget some important point. But don’t share it with the audience, don’t use the word sorry because only you know what mistake you made. You know that you missed the important point and not your audience. So, don’t make them aware of a mistake that they didn’t even know existed. Because if they get to know the mistake, they will lose faith in you which might distract you.

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Avoid Talking Too Fast

Talking fast makes the audience feel that you are nervous. It also interferes with your breathing patterns. If you talk too fast you will breathe less. Feeling short of breath will make you panicky and more susceptible to fear. So slow down the pace to stay calm and make the audience show interest in you.

Stand Straight

Body language matters in terms of how confident you look. So don’t hunch your shoulders and stand straight, allowing your chest to come forward as your shoulders drop into their natural position. By standing like this you will feel confident and the audience will also think you are confident. Also, move around and take walks on the stage at a slow pace, which is also a part of body language for powerful public speaking.

By- Charu Jain

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