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One of the most controversial topics in many countries, intercourse, has always been taken as a very personal and intimate topic to be discussed , something too intimate to share advice or information about. Many countries have treated it as a topic of great shame or great secrecy and continue to do so. What the society has been failing to understand and acknowledge is the importance of the topic and the associated phenomena which is directly related to this topic. Misleading information or lack of information on sex and its bad effects has led to a large amount of teen pregnancies, a large percentage of sex associated infections, HIV cases and so on.

Society now has started acknowledging the obvious topic and dealing with it by spreading information and making people aware of it. Therefore sex and related education is gaining a strong ground in different countries. While some countries acknowledge it in an effective way, the others are still struggling with the conservative societal rules and beliefs. Ensuring safety during any kind of sexual interaction, be it use of condoms or be it ensuring the safety and safe limits of the other person is very important to know, which is affecting people, especially teens on a large level and therefore stands as a challenge in the country’s future. 

Why is it necessary? 

When at a young age a child is educated about his/her body, it’s easy for children to know and accept their bodies and learn to care about it and therefore gradually gain confidence. 

 It also promotes safety and health, especially for the teenagers. Unprotected sex and practice of unhealthy types of sexual interaction like anal sex can also disclose them to several health risks and sexually transmitted diseases.

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It can help to initiate mutual respect between genders and a tolerance towards the third gender. When different genders are taught about their bodies they get to know and respect their differences and learn to respect it as a normal thing. This helps in reducing the discrimination in the society and intolerance towards the LGBTQIA community. 

Sex education can help reduce the teen pregnancy rates which makes the teens vulnerable and affects their health in a great way. In countries like India, a lot of teens die in the process of childbirth. Whereas some developed countries like USA has a huge percentage of teen pregnancy rate. 

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This also helps a lot in minimizing sexual abuse, both the genders can understand each other’s body and therefore know their limits and respect them. This helps the genders to normalize it and understand the importance of safety and their limits which becomes necessary during sex. 

This whole system can also normalize sex and help teens to be more open and careful about it. This also helps them to discuss their sexual problems or body problems with their elders which helps them to understand and also promotes a more open and stronger bond between both. 

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Grounds of doubt! 

 Several times it has been proved that among teenagers, sex education has motivated them to have sexual intercourse other interactions at a young age. They have proved to be non serious about the whole agenda and concentrate on the fact that safe sex advice is and indication for having increased sexual interactions. 

The way this subject is treated despite being legalized is a matter of great question. It is not taken seriously, and this topic is very vaguely and ignorantly taught in most of the countries.

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Countries with effective sex education systems: 

Germany: low teen pregnancy rates and teenage use of contraceptives are hugely popular. The first state-sponsored courses on sex education were introduced in Prussia a long time ago. A wholesome method of teaching and a clarity has proved to be a great help. There is a lot of domestic education on this topic.

Switzerland: with the lowest adolescent fertility rate in Western Europe, Switzerland has been quite advanced about its sexual education system and awareness.

Sweden: established in 1921, sex education is quite effective and includes equality for all genders including the third gender. There is a whole awareness on subjects like masturbation and so on.


Countries that need to get more effective: 

 USA: the teen pregnancy rates continue to be one of the highest which is a backlog for a developed country like the USA. The abstinence only sex education also stands as a challenge and a cause of weak effect.

 Bangladesh: no effective system of sex education. Teen pregnancy cases in rural areas.

 India: no equality in sexual education. The rural teen pregnancy rates seem to be more than urban. Sex education is not popular and not well distributed. It can also be called vague.

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By: Srija Dutta

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