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When it comes to teenagers, they are very private about their love life and way too immature to care about their career. They do look for advice from their peers because they are so embarrassed to talk to their parents or any elderly. It’s always difficult to choose between a relationship and a career, and it should always be an individual’s choice. Everyone’s perspective matters, and we are no one to make a judgment on someone’s behalf. But, the individual’s decision should be worth it, because nothing can be achieved in regret. Although a relationship gives you a reason to live, satisfies you, completes you; a career gives you empowerment, independence, a sense of living your life on your terms. You can always balance your career and relationship and have a healthy, independent life.

What You Should Look For In A Relationship

Being with someone means you can go nuts for each other and still be in love with each other. Someone you can spoil by actually caring for each other. Someone whom you can trust, because trust is the most important thing in a relationship. You can always have your own opinion, but the differences should never lead to conflicts that could harm your relationship. Never let anyone make you forget your friends. If you are in a relationship, it is not important to always focus on your partner by avoiding your friends. Never throw your friends away over your partner. If someone is doing that to you, then it is a red flag, and you should at least talk about it with your partner. 

Always look for a peaceful relationship. Avoid abusive relationships and always know the signs. A certain amount of insecurity is present everywhere. But if your partner is constantly checking up on you, spying on you, telling you what to do and what not to do, checking up your texts, always threatening you that they will hurt you or break up with you, then you need to get out of this sort of relationship as soon as possible.

Respect and trust are two basic things that hold your relationship together. If your partner doesn’t trust you and is always blaming you for every minor mistake occurring in their life, then it’s not worth it. You need someone who cares for you, with whom you are peaceful and calm, someone you can go to when you are vulnerable, who treats you right. This is not what you deserve, because you deserve the best.

Some Misconceptions About Relationships

Never follow the crowd. Today’s teen relationships are all lust. Always know the difference between love and lust. People sometimes look for a relationship when they feel lonely. That is the biggest mistake you can make because it will make you emotionally dependent on others. Being dependent on someone is the biggest flaw someone can have. It’s more addictive than drugs.

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Do not fall for physical relationships. Teens are falling for physical relationships without actually having perfect knowledge of sex education. It mostly leads to unwanted pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, and other big problems. Always be 100% sure before getting intimate with someone. When people say opposites attract, do not fall for that. Most importantly, never change yourself for your partner, for they shouldn’t be the ones controlling you, they should be the ones encouraging you.

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Let’s Talk About Your Career And Why You Should Focus On Your Career More Than A Relationship

You can always be emotionally stable and focus on your career at the same time. A relationship can give you a hard time sometimes because you cannot expect to be a free bird always. You can focus on your work easily while being in a relationship and caring for your partner. But, being in a relationship can cost you way more than being single, since your expenses get doubled, you have to chip off and save some money to impress your partner and make them feel special by taking them on a nice date, which usually costs a bit much.

Always remember, you can never leave your career and neither can your career leave you; but, your love can always leave you. It’s always better to focus on your career first, because once you have a stable life and income, it becomes easier for your to focus on other things, like finding a suitable partner for yourself. Lastly, always focus on your independence because all that matters is you.

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Nothing else matters when you are with the right person. If your partner really cares for you, and really loves you, he/she wouldn’t want to put you outside of your comfort zone. He wouldn’t want you to choose him/her over everything, and instead, they would encourage you to do better in life, to follow your dreams and your passion. Always look for someone who pushes you to do stuff beyond your comfort zone. Always remember, if you are giving someone your everything, it should be worth it.

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