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The most important step for so many students is the selection of the perfect college after the completion of the 12th exams. This is not just what happens in India but all around the world. Globally the selection of the perfect college does really matter in the long run. The jobs, the companies, the certificates and the dream goals, every part of it is deeply affected by the name of the institution written on the resume you turn in.

What’s the name of the college, how popular it is, how sophisticated it is, its curriculum review, everything really matters even though it seems to be not of great importance. Therefore globally it is a tense decision indeed. Students try for their whole lives to maintain a performance throughout school days to book a seat in the most renowned college out there. Although it really depends on the budget scenario, location choices and subject of interest, everyone try their best to get the best within their dream sphere.

Therefore all around the world all the students are really busy eyeing the best choice out there whether it is within the boundaries of their own country or it is on a global level. The qualification will definitely differ between the two kinds of locations. If you want to attend any college in another country, there are a number of qualification requirements. There are a number of tests you need to take in order to book your opportunity.



But the main question is, if we really speak for the global platform, what are the colleges you should be really interested in. First of all we should definitely remember about the most sophisticated of them all. The ivy league colleges are the dream for all the elite students out there. The aid programs and the high quality of education makes it the most difficult yet most fancy dream of the students.


Ivy Leagues

Therefore Yale, Princeton, Harvard and oxford are the names we are quite acquainted to as students. After discussing about these exemplary colleges, coming to other great colleges in the United States is the MIT, which although is not an ivy leagues but leaves them behind in many ways. Caltech, Chicago University and Pennsylvania University are some of the other renowned universities and college in the US. Coming to the United Kingdom, some of the best colleges are the UCL, Imperial college of London, Edinburgh university and University of Manchester. Coming to the colleges in Asia, the education system and the number of elite students are really famous for their talent and skills worldwide.


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But let’s talk about some of the great colleges which act as a source for them. Talking about Chia, some of the great colleges are the Peking University, Fudan University and Zhejiang University. South Korea on the other hand has Seoul University and Hankook University. Japan has Kyoto University and Tokyo University of Technology. Hong Kong has the City University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. We also have the National University of Singapore. India has the world famous IITs and IIMs. Going down south to Australia, we have elite universities like, Australian National University, Sydney University and Melbourne University.


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Therefore you will always find the exemplary and outstanding college which stands proudly in the different corners of the world in each and every continent and country, what the students need to do is to just choose the best one for them depending on the field they are pursuing and their future interests.

By: Srija Dutta

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So this is the end of the post guidance for selecting good university for students. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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