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To upgrade your skills is really important. And most of the education is available online with the option to study from good educators. Doing a course worthy of time and money is important. Starting any course may not help that much. Read more about courses.

Why skills are important?

There are a lot of reasons that why you need skills and it is so important nowadays. When we talk about IITs or other big universities and students there, they are not just good in academics but other sectors too, even out of their field.

Their college, its atmosphere, alumni, exposer, etc put them ahead in learning, which makes them perform well in all sectors. As they have much exposer of things and are more aware of most of the fields. And that’s the reason too that company gives priority to them. 

Which type of online courses is worthy?

There are some really in-demand skills and courses which should definitely be considered for learning. 

  • Join the courses that come with 30 days money-back guarantee.
  • Instead of online live classes, go for on-demand classes. So that you can study according to your own time and schedule
  • Also, see if the courses have lifetime access so that you can do it in the future too.  
  • If a course has a lot of material to download then it will be helpful for you to check.
  • Courses that will give you a certification of completion. 

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Skill Areas

Some areas and skills are recommended in general to learn. They benefit in many ways such as: 

1. Microsoft excel: Microsoft Excel that will help in making a business plan, planning your own finances, doing budgeting, making office project, etc. It is taken by a lot of students and is preferred by all areas of students.

2. Web-related skills: Web development, graphic designing, game development or designing, etc always remain in trend. And if it interests you as a student you must go for them in 2021 too. Some courses start from 500 INR and a minimum of 84 hours of learning is a good start.

3. Digital marketing course: Learning about advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other online platforms. It is important as we are spending a lot of time on these platforms.

4. Trading: Students nowadays also get interested in stock trading. As it gives a good chance to earn extra income in early age. As it is totally unknown field for most people. And learning completely about it is a better idea than starting without knowledge.

5. Sales technique: No matter what you want to become in your life engineer, lawyer, designer, CA, etc. If you know how to sell you know something really important. Selling anything even an idea is really a life skill. 

Short term Courses


As a student, meditation is something that should be included in your life. Though it is simple and available online. By giving just one to two days time period in learning it when you are a beginner you can start it easily. If you can start practicing meditation at an early age it will be helpful in many ways.  

meditate,, life skills

Effective job searching and resume building:

A brilliant course on how do you search for your job. How to show your portfolio when searching for a job is necessary to learn. The course covers the fundamentals of a resume, how to navigate through job applications, how to reach people and building a powerful LinkedIn, and many more. Within a day or two, you can cover it all. 

Communication skills:

A good skill which will help for a lifetime is communication skills. One can cover all the needed things required from a communication perspective in 24 hours to 35 hours. Nowadays it is a life skill. 


Becoming a super learner:

We as a student learn a lot, read books, listen to lessons. But when we want to apply it to some other context we forget it the very next day. This course is a great start to that. It will teach you everything that helps you to boost your learning speed and memory. 

Asking better questions:

How to build better relationships and ask better questions is a good course. Asking the right question is what we find difficult. Especially in our 20s, we struggle a lot with it. It has a different approach of course that involves in it. It will help you in building a good professional relationship

Important points before taking any course

  • There is no comparison between offline and online courses. Both are good in their own ways.
  • To commit to an online course is really important.
  • There are no special criteria for students to do a course so look for a good-rated course. Because it is difficult to know how students who completed the course performed.

By: Priya Panwar 

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So this is the end of the post Online Courses and Skill Development. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.